You Write The Caption!

dog with lipstick tube

Photo by: Ann Robertson, Dallas, Texas

We're back! Due to polling software issues, we decided to hold off on posting Friday's winner to give you more time to vote. Now, tell us what you think about Scampi's "makeover" by clicking the "Comments" link below!

Daily Winner, December 8

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pucker up, baby!!!!

Do I have any lipstick on my tetth?

It looks contrived,. How did you get the lipstick off?

I thought it was chapstick!

Do you think this color is me?

Is it on straight????

Aren't I beautiful?!

I still don't understand why humans wear this sure isn't because of the taste!

Where did you get a shot of my wife getting dressed?

Do they have this in bubble gum flavor?

I'm a "shoe-in" to win the beauty contest!


"I feel pretty, oh so pretty"

I told you to put your mirror where I could reach it . . . !

Can I try another shade?

Oh..Oh.. BUSTED!!!!

Kiss Me...Tongues, No Tongues...I don't care...Just Kiss Me.
(I know you can't use this "comment" on a calendar. All the other comments are great anyway!!!)


Victoria's Secret is no secret any more is it?

And it tastes good, too!!

Come here hony an' give me some sugar

The color goes so well with my fur, wouldn't you say so, Darling.

Is this my colour?

"I think I'm more partial to the wear ability of Estee Lauder brand, dahling"

You mean this is a permanent color marker?

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