You Write the Caption!

pug pup

Photo by: Mary Smith, Smithville, Tennessee

Says Mary, "His name is 'Sir Hoagan, Master of the Warriors.' Hoagan is fun loving, and quite a little clown. He's very healthy. He's just spoiled rotten!"

What do YOU think Master Hoagan is saying here? Let us know in the "Comments" section below!

Daily winner, December 1

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So, tell me that three little bears story again!

Who do you love more? Him or me?

Come-on Handsome Hoagan, smile for the camera.

He's Mine - You can't have him!!!

My nightie night buddy! We got a pug just like him and does the same thing! Loves their toys!

I love my bear because he lets me snuggle him to him.


Like the happy face wasn't enough - they stick it on a bear? What's up with that?

You talkin' to ME??

Yes, my yellow friend goes everywhere with me. Got a problem with that?? LOL

You'd feel sad too if your Teddy always smiled. Who said life's always so grand?

"People still think dogs are color blind." he moaned. "They have no taste. No taste at ALL!" grumbled Master Hoagan as he posed with mustard dignity next to the silly looking bear.

"Hey! You better move that paw out from under my chin before I move it for you...permanetly!"

Look what Santa brought me! I know it's early but I'm special! So there!!

I've outgrown toys!! Send me a real dog to play with.

Friends forever!!!

Just makin friends MA !!!

So, what's wrong?? I'm allowed to have a teddy to.


Hey Hey don't show this picture to anyone ok?, I am already the laughing stock at home.

Where's the rest of the bears?

Hmmmmm what am I suppose to do with this yellow thing ???

This silly bear is stealing my thunder!

So, when do i get to show off in the AKC pagent?

"Come with me said the spider to the fly."

I like to have a special friend to cuddle too!!!

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