Why should only my name be in lights?

dog tangled in Christmas lights

Photo by: Debbie and Jerry Carroll, Bristol, Virginia

Debbie writes, "This is our 9-year-old Australian Shepherd mix, Rocky. He is a good sport, even about decorating for Christmas!"

Daily Winner, December 11

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he is having a holly jolly Christmas!!

Yahoooo, Rocky!!! You are such a good dog!
Cousin Candy in Michigan!

Wow what happend, did you hit him in the head with a pan to get him to hold still? Poor things probably blind now 8b

Rocky, you look adorable

is this not the most sweetest personality you've ever seen???? can i come and meet him, just to play with him??????

He looks so precious and happy! Great picture for December!

I was imitating Rudolph and missed my nose, but I bet Santa could still use me on his sleigh team!

What a BIG smile you have, Rocky....very cute picture

What a great picture! Rocky, you look like you're ready for Santa for sure!

Beautiful happy dog.

make the most of those lights but don"t eat them, great shot happy holidays

Good Christmas Tree, Rocky! Sting those lights so your Mamma and Daddy won't have to. Just don't lick those like you do your dad's feet when you take off his socks for him!

He looks SOOOO in his element!

One more thing...I sure hope you used this as your Christmas card this year!

Hello, Rocky! You look so funny inside those lights!

You're all in lights...and a little tied up! I bet you can't attack my car alarm now, haha, pretty, Rocky!

We love you too Rocky, you a real sport!!! I can just see you rooting in the Christmas lights.

beautiful tree rocky, i love you!!!!!!!!!!11

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