"Why I oughtta..."
"Nyah nyah nyah!"

bird and cat playing
"T" and Louie

Photo by: Kris Hughes, Hampton, Virginia

Daily winner, December 4

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Say What? Them's fightin' words!

It looks like this bird can hold his own! Very cute photo.

Say what? Them's fightin' words!

It looks like this bird can hold his own!

say that again and i'll let you have it.

I am in Hampton Va., not Missouri

I am in Hampton Va., not Missouri

Go ahead,I'll bite your ear off

Are you sure you want to do that?

Stormy (the budgie) says, go get'em. We're tired of running from the feline fiends.

Hope you win.

Christine in Midland, TX

"Why, I oughta let you have it right now!"

"Make my day!"

Come on, I can take ya.

Ah, lemme just scratch your head ...

you're a pussy

you're a pussy

Stay right there! You'll really be surprised at what I have in my paw!!

"Naw, that collar doesn't make you look fat!"

Such a cute picture, and what an adorable, BEAUTIFUL bird! The cat's just precious too!!

I enjoyed the photograph the bird and cat
in consultation HA! HA!

Beautiful birdie! Do you know that a cat's saliva is toxic to birds, though? I do hope that your cat is gentle!

MMMMMM!!! Yummy

Cute picture but I strongly agree with Kenneth Williams. A cat's saliva is toxic to birds. As I am sure you know cat's are natural born predators and birds are prey species. A cat and bird may seem fine together for a long time but one day watch out!
Please don't put either of them in this situation. You are the one with the brains. I have seen and heard of more than enough heart break situations involving these two very different types of pets.

Hey Kitty, what's up! I know you're glad I'm out of the cage. I would hi-five you--how about I sing for you instead!

Hear it goes:

"I'm free, and even my enemies are at peace__ with me!"
"I'm free, and flying circles round Kitty, Kitty"
"So free, so free, so free!"
"All's well thank God I'm FREE__________tweet tweet!

I must say I am saddened that you would jeopardize your bird's life by putting it so close to a cat. I have 2 cats and 2 birds and they are separated by rooms with locked doors when my bird is loose. The bacteria on one cat claw scratch or saliva will kill your bird. Please ask your vet about humane and responsible treatment of your pets. Thank you.

carol is a faggot. a cat's salvia is NOT toxic to birds.

Bullshit. Cat saliva isn't toxic to birds; they're not goddamn komodo dragons, people. You might as well say that Marie Antoinette uttered "let them eat cake".


I think the picture is darling and that bird has some lovely colors! Very cute.

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