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The candids are the BEST!!!

Simba is gorgeous, but Jack Pratte and his little Maltese friends just make me laugh! All great pictures though!

Jack Pratt is a great Xmas pic.

I really like rocky. He is festive and exudes holiday spirit.

Such a hard choice! I love them all... I really think Simba and Jack Pratt would both make really great calendar pets for the month of December!

Rocky would make a great December calendar picture. His picture makes me smile everytime I look at it, and it is not contrived.

Rocky, youshould be under the Christmas tree. You are so special.

This is the canine Eeyore ...

It's a tie.....Jack Pratte and Simba

Oh no, I think Rocky should win, Poor Rocky is in last place. Vote for Rocky!!!

I have Bulldogs of my own and they are just wonderful to photograph! What a great picture of the sour mug!

They're ALL winners in my book :)

They don't get any cuter than Jack Pratte!

I think thayre all adorable, theyre like patato chips you can never have just one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love simba. he looks like he just got away with something &is sort of smirking about it.

For me it's Simba all they way. An incredible beauty and an awesome conspirator's expression. Just love the hat. I couldn't keep a hat on my cat long enough to aim the camera.

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