Week 12 Poll

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Wow...only a few votes so far, but this looks like it's going to be close!

I could look at Hoagon all year, not just a month he is soooo cute.

The poll is now back. Our apologies to those of you who stopped by earlier and couldn't vote...thanks foor your patience!

Hoagan and his miserable excuse for a Pooh bear get my vote.

My vote is for Thomasina. As a diabetic, I understand the hardship she has gone through. Thank you for rescuing her.

My vote is for Minnie. I have Rat Terriors who like to swim in our pool.

My vote is for 'The Singing Lessons are Really Paying Off" featuring Kira. She is sooo cute!


Sometimes it's the little gestures that mean the most. That is such a darling picture - PALS.



My vote is for Darling, the horse. He looks like he's at the kitchen door asking for dinner.

'T & Louie' gets my vote

tiny but tough. Looks like my doggy friend.

I vote for Furball!

where do you vote?

Furball! Hands down; good composition, great action, great shot!

Others are very cute but most only required a quick snap of the camera and rely on the natural blook of the animal - but Furball took a bit of good timing and thought.

Furball already won the weekly vote last week. We're voting on week 12! I'm voting for Chandra's Dogs! Dogs Rule!

Thanks all; our poll appears to be back now. Emma is right; Furball won last week. The pets eligible for this week are the daily winners (see link on the top left) from 12/1 thru 12/7.

Thanks to you all for your patience and your votes!!

Louie is the Love Bird and he aggravates T (actually Tasia) to death! Tasia just puts up with him and gives an occassional paw swat. Louie pecked him on the nose in that picture. I don't think either one knows that birds and cats don't get along. Louie is just honary to everyone!!

My vote is for ROMAN who was trained to help Chandra with her physical problems. He's a real hero!!!!!

So hard to vote for just one such beautiful animal.So I voted for gracie and Timmy because they were probably enemy at first meeting of each other and now friends.
I have a set of "tag me" with my dog,jake and his friend the cat ,gats, everyday.Sometimes its just a race to watch which one gets away from the other one first.Later,they are laying beside each other,sleeping!

I'd like to vote for Chandra's dogs today! (The voting poll isn't working.)

oh hogan is soooo freakin cute....if i ever owned a dog?? i'd want a dog like hogan!!!!

These are 2 really cute pets getting along that shouldnt! I vote for Louie and Tasia!!!!

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