Four's company!

four dogsWe have our next Weekly Winners: it's Skippy and Logan (front row), Sutton and Roman (back row), taken by Chandra Pivo of Inglewood, California. In a close contest this week, her four happy dogs edged out the other contestants and wowed the judges.

Thanks to all who voted! If you missed any, be sure to check out all of our past weekly winners.

Just one more week left!

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Man/woman's best friend....what a beautiful
cover photo!

In memory of my dog Lady. Your memorial Anniversary is coming up soon on 01/03/07. You will be in doggy heaven for seven years now. There isn't a day gone buy that I don't think of you.. And on your last day I promised you that I would not replace you. And I haven't. You were my best friend, you knew when I was sick. You stayed with me to keep me from pain. You would nestle up agaisnt me and not leave me until you had to leave us. I hope you are o.k. Lady I love you and all though I had you for 17 years I will truly miss you. You were a great dog. In memorary of Lady Anderson
Feb.01, 1986 -01/03/01

smart dogs!

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