We cloned ourselves--now we're waiting for the mothership to beam us up.

four dogs on beach
Skippy and Logan (front row), Sutton and Roman (back row)

Photo by: Chandra Pivo, Inglewood, California

Says Chandra, "These four have so much fun together--but who's who?" Roman, who can take a bow, has helped his owner Chandra who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Chandra trained Roman from a pup to help her with walking through crowds of people, up and down stairs, picking things up, and much more. Roman and Chandra also visit retirement centers and schools to give demonstrations on the importance of Service Dogs as well as giving everyone an amazing show when he performs all of his tricks.

Weekly Winner, Week 12
Daily Winner, December 6

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Very nice family of canines.

amazing how similar the pairs look!

What beautiful dogs and almost a mirror image! Wow!

I think these are the cutest, most adorable pair of dogs I have ever seen. Best picture you have shown.

What a great picture with all four dogs standing still and looking so alert. Thank you for sharing. And what a wonderful service Roman is doing.

Chandra is a Champion and I am not surprised at her ability to train these precious and intelligent dogs. I have known her since birth and she has always been a go getter and a champion.

Chandra's Roman is the best "paws down."

How great to have such wonderful kids especially Romann who also does chores. Heck most of the time you can't get human kids to do what Romann does and he does it with pleasure. They all look like the perfect family!

Chandra and Roman should be on Oprah! They've brought so much happiness to people who are no longer able to keep pets.

What a great photo. Should be a sure winner

What adorable dogs, seem to know just when to pose for the camera like professionals and apparenly love to be helpful and we know Chandra has a great talent for working with animals and teaching them and loves them very much and it shows in the response she gets from them all.

Great They really ready to go. Nice work.

Great Picture!

This is the best picture by far! These are the cutest 4 dogs. I love Roman, he's so handsome.

It's so nice to see amazing dogs that do service work - keep up the good work!

OMG! are these not the cutest dogs ever! what a clever idea! Roman you are amazing!=)

Amazing and miracle Dogs :O) as the sayings goes Dogs are the man's Best friends :O) Good Job Chandra :O)

They're better than a human family. Beautiful.

They are number one in my vote.

So cute. They look so innocent yet each has a personality of their own.

too cool:) They are so beautiful!

Nice family picture. I love Labs. They are such
loyal, sweet and smart dogs. Excellent family dogs especially with kids.
Very nice picture & good work guys.

Wonderful Photo! I know the larger dogs are Labs, but I am curious as to the breed of the smaller dogs?

This looks like it should be captioned, "There's one in every family!" I love how Roman has his tongue hanging out as far as possible just as the picture is taken!

Thank You all for your Comments and votes on my picture. I'm very excited to have won the weekly contest.

I wanted to answer the question posted by Char Meloche. Skippy is a Terrier/Mix and Logan is a Chihuahua/Mix.

Thanks Again! Happy Holidays!

What an incredible shot! Look how they share manorisms even. It's like they have known each other their whole lives!

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