Sometimes it's the little gestures that mean the most.

cat and dog touching paws
Gracie and Timmy

Photo by: Becky, Lexington, Texas

Becky writes, "My kitty 'Timmy' has since passed away but he and Gracie were such pals--always playing. He was my 'lap cat' for 12 years. He’s in a better place now but he sure is missed."

Do you have fond memories of a beloved pet who has passed away? Tell us in the "Comments" section below.

Daily Winner, December 7

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I have many fond memories of many beloved pets who have passed. Most recently was my ferret Houston who I had 5 out of her 7 years. She was a great pet and she and all my pets of the past are sadly missed! R.I.P Houston (9/5/06)!

A cat I love very much died November 1 after a sudden illness. He was a large black cat. He was very friendly and feisty. I had him for 16 years. I called him Ariel, after the former Israeli general and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He used to like to sit on my lap whenever I sat on the couch or on my bed. He would get angry if I had to take him off to get up and do things. Unless I was in a big hurry, I always tried to pause and sit with him for a few minutes. He liked to sleep next to my pillow when I was in bed. I got him is when I was living in an apartment building where each apartment had its own balcony on a staircase leading to a backyard, in San Francisco's Mission District. Another resident of the building knocked on my back door, saying, "Do you want the cat?" and left him there with a diaper. He was a tiny kitten then. I had to move to keep him because I couldn't keep him in the apartment there, because one of the roommates was allergic.

A cat Morris that I had for 16 years, I got him when he was 8 months old. At the animal shelter I was trying to see which cat I wanted, there were 2 orange tabbies that were in a cage below Morris. I had a finger on Morris cage and looking at the two other cats, well Morris wraped my finger with his paw, I fell in love with him, of course he did not have a name he was at the shelter for about 24 hours when he picked me. I named him Morris. He was such a loving cat who loved to play hide go seek. He would wake me up in the morning so I wouldn't be late for work. He died on July 5th at the age of 17. I cried for a couple of months because I missed him so much. My other cat Rosebud who is 17 years old has become the cat from hell. I told GOD that he took the wrong cat.

My beloved toy poodle, Angel, died a few years ago; miss her sooo much. I remember the date she passed away, Jan. 4th.
Angel was so sweet. She was 14 and had many medical ailments, but was so loyal to me. I have asthma and when I was having a flare-up of asthma, she would sleep with me and stay awake all night looking at me. I would peep over at her once in awhile, and there she was always awake just looking at me in a most concerned way. She was a friend who had unconditional love for me. I miss her every day. Angel, you were a great pet; a great friend. Angel, was tiny, but oh so powerful at "trying" to scare away people especially when they rang the door-bell!!!
You would think I had a ferocious dog!! that was good at times!!! thanks for the memory - Angel - thanks for letting me share my sweet Angel with you. She was part Apricot but mostly white - and was soooo sweet. She died underneath the part of the bed where I sleep! we were not at home at the time she diedl I think she wanted to get as close to me as she could- and that was right under my bed - the arthritis she had prevented her from jumping onto my bed. I always had to lift her up for a couple of years.

We got a waif of a cat - c. 4-5 lbs - from the shelter in April 1987. Peanut was a young, short-haired tortie, and we adopted her along with a young female calico. Not until we got her home did we realize that she must have been abused or severely traumatized at some time in the past. Her fierce attitude frightened the children, but Cali was friendly so they just left Peanut alone. I courted Peanut, and eventually she became practically inseparable from me when I was home. She slept with me, eventually at my side with my arm around her. And I couldn't make dinner without first holding her on my lap until she fell asleep, after which I place her curled up body on the warm chair cushion. After fighting thyroid disease - two operations and daily medication, plus periodic blood tests, we let Peanut go in December 2004. We have three "new" cats now, and one of them is very special to me. But I believe I will never be closer to an animal than I was to Peanut. Her ashes are in a sealed box by my bed.

i adopted a kitten about a year ago, we names her Elle and she was so timid and skittish when we got her and then after about 4 weeks she finally strted coming around and she really came around all of the sudden she was so full of life. she loved to run all over and climb on everything she was the most wonderful and spirited little kitten. we also got a puppy at that time who was the same age and they became best friends and would always play together it was so funny to watch them. she was so hyper all the time but she also had her calm times when she would snuggle up with me on the couch and wouldnt leave my side for the whole night. she became suddenly ill and fought so hard for her little life. she died at 6 months, i cried for literally 3 weeks straight everytime i thought about her and i still think about her all the time and i miss her so much.

I had a beautiful Abbysinian (think the ancient cats of Egypt) for about 13 years. His name was "Bogarts Dark Victory" so his nickname was Bogie, of course. What a smart cat, he understood everything I said and followed me all over the apt. Abbys are very loyal and loving. He suffered from renal failure. We were able with vet intervention to give him one more year of quality home life. But then came the time he took such a turn for the worse. As I told the Vet, I love my Bogie but I will not let him suffer, just because I need him. He went to Kitty Heaven in 2004 and the whole family still remembers him. He came when I called his name instantly, every single time! Abbys are wonderful cats, and if you are looking for a pure bred gato, you can not go wrong with one of them. God Bless all who have lost pets and those who are so caring of the ones they still have.

I had a white cat for 15 years. He was my baby. He was such a devil when we first got him that we name him Blanco Diablo (White Devil). He was fun loving too. He would greet me when I got home from work and shopping. He slept by my head at night. He developed cancer and went downhill fast. The night before we let him go I slept on the floor with him. In the morning we woke up to the sunshine and he kept meowing at me seemingly asking me to let it end. It was the only time he didn't get upset with me when he was riding in the car to the vet. I still miss him always being under foot when I was cooking and especially in the morning getting ready for work when he would play with me and then see me off to work.

I have always had pets but probably the one that really got to me when it passed away was a baby calf,she was only a few days old when we got her,she looked like a fawn,followed me around like a dog and one day I found that she died from the other cows trying to get out of the fence that they were kept in and she was trying to get in.They ran over her!

Hi: I had a cat for almost 18 years. Charlie...he was a great companion. I missed him so much that I replaced him with three kitties (Charlie's probably smiling about it!)...Bert, Ernie, and Oscar. It's tough to lose them. They are family members. They add so much and don't ask for much in return. I wouldn't give them up for a million bucks. My Oscar sort of looks like your Timmy. My condolences.

I had cat named (Kiwi)like the fruit, and I raised him since he was a tiny fur ball. He was my baby. I used to be depressed all the time, and sometimes I cryed, at that time he used to jump on my lap and lick my tears and then kiss my nose. I know that with his show of affection he was giving me courage by letting me feel his love. I used to work nights at the -- NYPD-- communication system. One morning I came home to find him dead, near my bed , in the same spot he used to lay at night to keep me company. To this day I feel so lonely without him, and everytime I see a cat , on TV or on the street, my heart ackes. I love Cats, but I have never thought of replacing my kiwi. I keep his photos all over my refrigerator, and in my family albums because he was my baby .

Hi Catalina,
I just read your heartbreaking story about Kiwi, how very sad. I know Kiwi can't be replaced but there are many cats that need a good home & your love and are ready to love you. Think of it as a "tribute" to Kiwi, to take another of his kind in and love him. Please consider it not only for other cats but for yourself. You may begin to heal with the love and companionship of another.

The picture is small but has a strong message. Dogs and cats were arch enemies you would always see a dog chasing a cat when i was growing up and if they can come together and hold hands we as a nation, a people from many diverse backgrounds, and culture, need to reinvent overselves and unite together as one irrespective of our race color or creed. If we all come together and combine our intelligence and skills there is nothing we cannot accomplish as a great nation.

I had a cat that looked a lot like yours. We named him Garfield. I found Garfield in my driveway with an injured shoulder from a cat fight. It was infected, but he let me clean it up and dress it with neosporin and bandages. We had 2 poodles and just prior to Garfield, aquired a female poodle pup. Garfield took the pup under his "wing", and literally "mothered" this puppy. He kept the other dogs away from her while she ate her food, and cleaned up after her when she was finished. He even washed her face and whatever else needed cleaning when she was finished. He slept in her bed with his body curled around her to keep her warm at night. One day he made me come outside with him to show me two little kittens up in the tree that hung over our house. I went in and got some cat food to lure the kittens down. Garfield stood at the base of the tree calling to them. They finally got turned around and climbed down the tree. I left the bowl of food on the porch and went in the house and watched. Then Garfield did one of the strangest things. He walked very slowly up my wheelchair ramp, turning every so many steps to look back and see if they were still following him. When he reached the bowl he walked to the other side so he was facing the apprehensive kittens. He then "Meowed" to them, put his face in the bowl, took about 2 steps back and sat down. The kittens gingerly approached the bowl and began eating the food. If a stray cat can feed the lost and the homeless, how much more can we humans do to help the lost and the helpless and homeless children of God. This was truely a Christian cat. Garfield used to have worship and Bible Study with me every morning along with my three poodles. I guess he really did learn something.
He was very special and is greatly missed.

Two weeks after Rita hit the Gulf Coast we returned to Beaumont to assess our damages. We have two toy poodles who think they are rottweilers and are vey aggresive toward cats and other large animals. My husband called to my attention a little black kitten on our front porch. A lot of animals were abandoned during the evacuation, but this precious kitten ended up on OUR doorstep. I was staying in Tyler, TX awaiting shoulder replacement surgery and my two dogs had to stay with me. My husband is a truck driver and seldom at home. His warning to me before retiring to the bedroom for the night was, "Don't bring that cat in the house!" Well, if he hadn't said that.....
......anyway....... the dogs took off after her barking for all they were worth! The kitten just rubbed herself up underneath their chins as if to say, "Listen up! I rode out Rita, do you think that your little barks are gonna scare me?"
She ended up going back up to Tyler with me and the dogs. Glory Be!, Gigga Byte, and 'Miss Kitty' became very good friends. They ate together, slept together and played together. Miss Kitty even wormed her way into my husbands' heart. She runs outside when the dogs go out. Miss Kitty chases the dogs all over the yard. When I call the dogs in and whistle, she comes running. She is currently in the process of being potty trained. (We don't like litter boxes). She is getting straight A's at it too. She is very demanding when it comes to giving her attention. I may be on the computer and all of a sudden I have a, now, very large 18-20 lb. cat laying across my arms rendering my hands quite useless. I found out that she is a Bombay. She has amber eyes and is elegance personified.
She likes to drape herself across my LEFT shoulder. (THAT, by the way, is the one I had replaced in APR 2006). She is a little too heavy to be resting on that shoulder. If I did not acknowledge her on my shoulder, she will take her paw and gently touch my cheek and pull my face to hers. Then she will talk to me in gentle tones. I swear she is human! Well,....almost. She tried to gently coax two flies on the curtain to come down and play with her. She listens and obeys better than the dogs who have had years to train me. ;-) Do pets really belong to people? Or is it the other way around?
Every animal has their own distinctive personality,
just like people. Only animals love with an unconditional love. Can you say that about most people?
These are my babies. They are so loving and affectionate. When I am sick or even just doing my therapy, they all three will end up on top of me. I think they think they are helping me.

My dog piccolo a yorshire terrier of 15 years old died on Dec 31st 2006.---I was on a short trip when this happened and was due back the same day....he was taken care of by a wonderful woman in my home.....I received this call from her and was devastated to hear this news.Why was I not there? Was he looking for me?.......I feel so lost without him and so guilty.I lost my best friend and companion.He was always there for me no matter what.Writing this through tears makes me feel a little better and I hope he knows how much I loved him.

I lost my precious Snickers December 3, 2004. This is how I felt about her. Please don't feel guilty, he knew that you loved him. I suggest reading a book called "Cold Noses @ the Pearly Gates". It is written by a minister who has and has lost beloved pets. The book is just wonderful and writes of being together with out companions in heaven. That's what gets me through my loss of Snickers. To this day waves of grief will come over me but I believe she is in heaven, happy, playing and no longer feeling pain and she is looking down @ me. I relate to the tearrs, they are flowing even now as I write this to you.

I Miss My Littlebit A Lot

I had a friend, who was very small,
But I loved her more than most.
She was my truckin’ partner, and
We ran from coast to coast.
We often talked of many things,
She never once complained.
We faced the weather, good and bad,
In the winter snows, and when it rained.
We loved the Spring, and loved the Fall,
And I cursed the Summers hot.
Sometimes I miss the truckin’ life,
But I Miss My Littlebit a lot.

I found her back in Philadelphia,
With some mean old people there.
They said that they were tired of her,
And would I drop her off somewhere.
The fools had named her Roscoe,
Had no notion she was female,
I told them, “yeah I’ll take her”,
She looked up at me, and wagged her tail.
We soon became the best of friends,
And I’m going to tell you what.
We had a million smiles, cross a million miles,
An I Miss, My Littlebit a lot.

For fifteen years, we traveled,
Across the USA
We slept at night together,
And we worked hard everyday.
We lived life in the fast lane,
And she was always there you see,
On the good days we shared happiness,
And she’d show her love for me.
I lost her down in Arizona, at 110 degrees,
My A/C quit, and she passed away , on a day just too damn hot.
And I miss all the love, from my 8 lb. friend,
Yes, I Miss Sweet Littlebit a lot.

Stan Case

His name was Domino because we found him at the door of the pizza place, he was a border collie and my faithful companion for more than fifteen years, to the point that he used to steal my dirty laundry out of the hamper to sleep on top of it while I was at work. He passed almost 10 years ago but we always remember him like a member of our family.
If all dogs go to heaven I'm preety sure he is sitting there

She was a gray tabby named Boots because of you guessed it. Every day when I made the bed we played this little game. She would be sitting on the bed when I came in. I would toss her off. She jumped back on. Over and over we did this. Then when I was finally done and smoothed the last pillow sham on, she jumped on the pillow with that triumphant look only cats can give you.

My special friend came to me by crossing the street in front of me as I was driving down the street. I stopped to move her from in front of my car and when I opened my car door she jumped in my car and put her paws around my neck and was my angel sent from God for the next 17 of her 18 years.

My kitty Olliver died of lymphoma in 2004 but I still miss him like crazy. He was the kind of boy who always sought out the one person who said they didn't like cats to sit on. He also couldn't stand not to be with me, so he'd follow me around the house. He was the sweetest kitty and such great company. My little love.

I've had too many too mention by name, all loved, all missed. The first to go was King Sambo, an English Bulldog when he was 10 and I was 18. Many, many more dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, ferrets, snakes (large and small), hamsters, and birds. The last to go was Tiger, a cat, at 14, I was 56. I swore there would be no more! Ha! I now have Sgt. Pepper, 2, Simon Says, 2, both cats, Rinky Dink, 3, Stinky Pinky, 3, Casper the Friendly Ferret, 7, all ferrets, Bun Bun, 8, dwarf rabbit, Heidi, 3, Guinea Pig, and Friar Tuck, 3, Egyptian Spiny Mouse. No dogs you say? I train large breed rescue dogs for the Humane Society so they can be adopted out. I currently have a pit bull mix named Socks. Almost all of my pets have been rescue pets. I've raised, trained and shown Labs but find there is no difference between a "street smart" or pure bred pet. They will all love you in their own way and are worth all the trials and tribulations that come with them. Love to all of you who have taken them into your hearts.

I don't know if I can write this yet or not, but I'm going to try to see through the tears. I lost my best friend just two months ago, a big, beautiful black and white cat named Sneakers.
I had him since birth and he was 12 when he went to heaven. He did everything with me. He supervised while I did the laundry, cooked, loaded the dishwasher, everything. He ate with me, sat on the counter while I showered, slept on my pillow and loved to go riding anywhere with me whenever I would let him go. I live in the country on an acreage and when I went to check the horses and chickens, he went every step with me. He hugged my neck with his paws, caressed my cheek with his soft little foot, and gave me kisses constantly. He let my grandchildren hug him and tug his fur and was so loving to everyone. He made beautiful little paw prints all over the pick-up and van because his favorite place to sun bathe was on the top of either one. He was also gracious enough to leave paw prints on visitor's vehicles too if they stayed long enough. He never met a stranger. He was instantly everyone's friend. He just loved the whole world. He was just the greatest cat in the world. I miss him so much that I cry until I can't catch my breath because it hurts so bad being without him. I still find myself waking up and looking for him on my pillow before I am fully awake and wondering where he is. He was so much a part of my life for so many years that it is so difficult to adjust to him not being here. He was so beautiful both inside and out. He had no fear of anything. He was so loved and taken care of that he just thought the whole world was like that and that nothing would harm him. Dogs didn't bother him because it seemed they just sensed his loving soul. He just rubbed up against them and they accepted him. He had more love and gentleness in him than any creature I have ever seen. He was very well-fed, so he was never inclined to eat another creature, but he delighted in the chase and catching of mice, gophers, moles and any other such creature and then proudly displaying them on the front porch for all to see until I disposed of them. I believe he understood every word I said to him and he could say "milk" whenever the refrigerator door was opened. He astounded me with the things he done that required more than average intelligence. When he passed away, I sat and rocked him for over two hours before I could let him go. I just couldn't stand him being taken from me. Now there is an emptiness in me that can't be filled. I buried a piece of my heart when I buried my sweet Sneakers. He lies under one of his trees now that he loved to climb so much with a plaque that reads, "My faithful friend and companion, your memory will live forever in my heart". That expresses how I feel beautifully.
I love you, Sneakers.

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