On Dasher, on Dancer, on Slobber...!

Bulldog and four Maltese in holiday costumes
Jack Pratte the Bulldog and his Maltese cousins

Photo by: Patsy Pratte, Desloge, Missouri

Honorable Mention, Week 13
Daily Winner, December 13

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I may never stop laughing after seeing this picture - fantastic!

I can't figure out where to vote, either.

What a neat Xmas picture.

Gloria -

You can vote for last week's winner here:


- The AARP Pet Pals Team

Awwww...how totally precious. I want to give almost every one of them a smooch. They're so sweet.

How clever. I want to come over and sit in the pic with them, and play with them alllll day long......this picture is just a MASTERPIECE !!!!

I just love this picture... Fantastic!!! You can see that Jack and friends are loving it too. Merry Christmas to all... Keep Smilin'...

Thank you so much for choosing Jack and his cousins, Jack is our 3 yr. old English bulldog who is just the sweetest baby in the world. He loves anybody or any pet, is so gentle and lives with to old Aarps.

Which one is 'Slobber'???

Of course I want to vote for Jack and his Maltese cousins. Daily, Dec. 13. I could not find how to vote

Slobber is associated with Bulldogs. ha. But really, Jack never slobbers due to the fact that he never exerts himself enough, Jack is a couch potato and a people pleaser. ha.

Hi everyone -

Not to worry - this week's poll with Jack, Simba and the others has not been posted yet. It will go up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

- AARP Pet Pals

3 year old Sean Pratte the great-grandson of Patsy gives his four legged buddy a thumbs up!
A recent visit to Great Grandma & Grandpa formed loving bonds with them and Jack.

GREAT JOB!!! Wonderful Christmas Photo.

this has to be the best picture of all sent in .i love it .Wonderful pic. Merry Christmas to all

great made me laugh,thanks

This is the best picture out of all of them

What a photo! The expressions are priceless, the costumes too cute. Love the stockings on the mantel.

Love the picture ... truly another Kodak moment to remember!

I agree wholeheartedly with everyone else - how can you not smile when you see this photo? It must have taken some serious patience to get them all sitting down at one time! It's a truly wonderful picture.

I don't approve of dressing up our pets. What have they done that they should be made to look silly?

Jack is my ever loving nephew. His cousin Zoey the Maltese says...really cute Jackie Boy!!! (Still say he favors his late Uncle Gilbert!!)

What a group! Love all the Prattes.

Any chance that next year you could allow us to download one of the winning picture and use it as a screen saver during the holidays?

This is not an easy photo to get, Maltese have minds of their own. Doggy treats must have been waved. Good job.

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