Meowy Christmas!

cat in Santa hat

Photo by: Bob Garas, Clermont, Florida

Weekly Winner, Week 13
Daily Winner, December 12

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wow - it's like you can see every little hair on his face! What a great picture - merry Christmas simba!!

adorable! so perfect looking!

Very Pro!

OOOH those Eyes , what a gorgeous & intelligent looking cat. slogan: And They said I would be scared of santa? I showed him.....!

Great shot... No dobt taken in a studio.

Very, very nice!!! And yes, it's a great caption for a December calendar.

Absolutely gorgeous! How sly is Heeee! Did you taKe this picture or was is professionally taken?

It is amazing, awesome, beautiful. If you have not done it yet, it would be great for X-Mas cards. I want one. Merry Christmas Simba. HOHOHO

What a purrrrrrrfect Picture

Nice photo...Beautiful cat!

Incredible timing, great expression photographing animals is extremely difficult. This picture has great timing, skill and devotion.

Simba gets my vote!

looks like Sinba is saying, yea yea yea "HoHoHo" yadda yadda chit chit... (garfield style)


you are tryly beasting this..ive looked @ them all and this shot of this cat is so perrrrrrrfect....

by the way tha "Wowwww" post is minw as wll... (smile)

Simba, you really are a special ham, if I had a cat it would be you.

Jack says "Congrats Simba" you are truly a handsome with those "knowing eyes" and that sly smile. Great picture
Pat Pratte

Awesome! A magnificent, haunting and mysterious look into the world of a cat.

Simba reminds me so much of my dear departed "Goodyear". Wonderful composition, wonderful expression.

A truly beautiful kitty picture. I intend to keep it and make a Christmas card out of it for next year!

Simba is the best cat picture I think I have ever seen at Christmas or any other time. I have a blue cream persian, Muffin, that looks a little like him except Muffin has copper eyes. I could never get her to sit that still for such a photo. I will save this for sure.

I think the eyes look like they're saying....
"I'm gonna get you for this..sticking a hat on my head...."

I'd be interested in having the technical background on this picture: camera used, film or digital, exposure data, hand-held or ?, how much work went into getting this perfect shot. Great image!


simba, youre beautiful

What a doll!!

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