I woke up on the wrong side of the dog bed this morning!

sleepy chihuahua
Isabella Karamella Capriccio, aka "Izzy"

Photo by: Nancy Eileen Langworthy, Hudsonville, Michigan

Says Nancy, "Izzy is our adorable 7 month old Chihuhua...She enjoys dressing up and going bye-bye because she always gets lots of attention from people who see her and wonder what type of dog she is because she is cuter than the average Chihuahua!...She has an older brother Dexter who is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and weighs 10 times her weight, but that doesn't hold her back from playing chase with him in the yard. She also has 3 cat sisters who she loves to play with."

Daily Winner, December 5

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Those New Years Eve parties will get you everytime!

Those New Years Eve parties will get you everytime!

I feel "tick" mommy, fix me some soup, please!

That is the cutest picture I've ever seen!

Hey, turn down the noise & pass the icebag!

Why did I have to get up so early? There is no school today.

I'm swearing off Martini's, what a head today.

Looks just like my husband when my grand-daughter woke him up from his nap!

Huh??...who's this Mr. Magoo person???

hazards of the job. not easy being a bouncer at taco bell!

next thing i knew i woke up in marguerite-a-ville!!!!!!!!!

I told you I am awake - I was just winkin' at ya!

This is what hugs were invented for!

Back off jack

Now take my hand and look both ways before you cross the street.

"Go ahead punk , Make my day"

I'll get u for this sister.lol

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