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four dogsIt's official...we have our LAST Weekly Winner: it's Simba, taken by Bob Garas of Clermont, Florida. The voting was extremely tight, but the judges had to give the nod to Simba for the incredible expression captured.

That said, just as we have in weeks past, we like to recognize your other clear favorites, and have awarded an Honorable Mention to Patsy Pratte for Jack Pratte the Bulldog and his Maltese cousins.

We'll be announcing the Grand Prize Winner later today and then we'll be taking a short holiday break until the New Year. After that, while the contest will be over, we're going to continue to post some of our favorite photos from the thousands we received.

Thanks to all who sent in photos, who voted, and who left comments! We couldn't have done it without you!

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congratulations to Simba and also to Jack Pratt and cousins!

What a decision you have to make. All photos are great, including Hon. Mentions
I'd pick
Jan-Nitro Fish...Happy New Year
Feb - Benjie & Lucky
Mar-Mouse, Ziggy & Sophie
Apr - Mr. Gizmo (for Easter)
Sept-Alex & Ford
Oct-Meow-lo0ween frights
Nov - Rosie & frog
Cover shot- Four's Company
Now where and when we be able to get a copy of this calendar???????

Chuck & Cathy, thanks for the input! We actually have the calendar very nearly put together, and will be making it available next week as a PDF.

Once you download that file, you will either be able to print it on your own inkjet printer (if you have one) or take it to a local printer or copy place and have it printed there (the price will probably range from $15-20 depending on the vendor you choose).

We're not set up to print thousands of these and distribute them, so I hope that people find this a workable option. If not, let us know and we'll see what we can work out!

Thank you for doing this on behalf of our four legged friends. I know it was a hard decision to make. It also shed a light to everyone of the love these animals deserve.

What a wonderful contest! I really enjoyed everyones photo's and I'm sure everyone will agree that the competiton was always tough! I think Chuck and Cathy put some good hard thought into the order of the calendar, and I must agree they chose well. I am sure that the end product will be very nice! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I am pulling for Nitro FIsh to be on the cover. Those blue eyes just jump out and grab you. The black cat is perfect for October. The little terrier in the pool is great for July when all you want to do is go swimming to escape the heat.

All of the winners were great. I am eagerly awaiting the calendar so I cna download and print it!!!!!

Simba looks exactly like my cat "Duffy". They are beautiful!

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