I TOLD you Mom would punish us for trying to paint the barn!

longhorn calves
Pistolo Pietro ("Pete") and Quasar Star ("Q")

Photo by: Shary Russell, Lexington, Texas

Paw-purr-ee selection, December 7

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Well duh, can't you tell we're twins?...just look at our horns, silly!

We're in big trouble now,paint all over us
and now she's got a picture.

Hey Pete, we got entered in a cutesy contest and did not even make the finals. Q, forget those guys, everyone knows we are B-U-TEE-FULL!

Having been raised on a farm, this would have been the week's winner for me! They do look like they might have been the "dropcloth" when someone painted the barn!

Yes we are related - we both have the same mom!

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