A tisket, a tasket, fat cat in a basket

cat sleeping in basket

Photo by: Janet Meeks, Katy, Texas

Paw-purr-ee selection, December 5

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I love this picture...I have an orange/white cat named Oscar who loves to be on his back..how precious!!

me too i have an orange and white cat named kyle who is always on his back haha

Would love to see him get out of that basket... probably funnier than the pic! haha
I love cats and cute photos!

This one is my favorite so far!

Position is everything in life.

Aaaaaah, this feels good...I just can't stand a soft mattress.

I Love this picture probably my favorite so far. I won one day and I must say if this had been up against my picture..it would have beat my Spencer!!!!!

best of all and do mean best,kittens like this can just fit and lay every which way and sleep.wish I could do that.

Awhhhhh just getting some zzzzzzzzz's in my
comfy basket.

I love kitty just hanginout and relaxing!!

Looks like a "contortionist cat." But he looks so-o-o comfortable!

This thing is shrinking!! I KNOW I fit in here last month!

Ouch I've a critch in my neck. It is the cutiest sleepy kitty I seen in a while.

i hate that ugly ass cat

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