You Write the Caption!

Boo and squirrel

Photo by: Alyce Stewart, Valrico, Florida

Alyce says, "Boo kitty likes to sit on the windowsill. The squirrel thought it was a great time to tease him. To me it looks as though Boo is saying, 'Look Buddy, I'm the bouncer and you can't come in, I don't care who you say you know!'"

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Daily Winner, November 24

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"Are YOU talking to me?" Are you TALKING to me?" Are you talking to ME?"

I'LL KICK YOUR GLASS....................

This isn't the nut house?

Listen Bub, There are barely enough seeds here for me, So bug off.

Hey-buddy- I left the keys to the car in the kitchen- open the door !!!!

The Title should be: "And THEN what happened?"

Yeah, I'm BAAAAD, that's right!!!

I you to turn the electricity off! Now look what it did to my tail!

I told you to turn the electricity off! Now look what it did to my tail!

(Sorry for the dropped word in my previous post!)

Hah! You'll blink first turkey?

Rats... again...darn


pssst! Where are the Honey Nut Clusters?

Ha, Ha you can't get me

Caption: "Woohoo! Thanksgiving, a couple of days late!"

here kitty kitty kitty

You Got My Attention ... Now Entertain Me! This Window is My TV! Can You Do A Little Dance


You want a piece of me, oh yah!!!!!!!!!! Come and get me!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, ask your mom if you can come out and play.

Holy Big Cat, Batman! How do we deal with foe?

Come out and fight like a man!!!!

Hey, you seen a moose?

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