You Write the Caption!

pot bellied pig

Photo by: Sue Carper, Coulters, Pennsylvania

Meet Harley, smiling for the camera--"he's such a 'ham'!" says Sue. (Insert rimshot here.)

You all sent such funny suggestions for captions last week, we thought we'd try it again. So go ahead--give it your best shot in the "Comments" section below!

Weekly Winner, Week 9
Daily Winner, November 10

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you should see my mother

"Oh what big teeth you have", "yes, the better to eat you with"

Hey Pumba...what do you hear from Timon?

Only a face a mother could love !

"CHEESE" (please!)

whos next?

Mr. Damille I'm ready for my closeup!

No ham, bacon or pork chops here!

No ham, bacon or pork chops here! grin

Look Mom, no cavities!!!!!

Comment: Harley sure is a camera ham and the inner beauty (smile) and love is showing throw.

Don't tell, but my Mom says that I was the cutest one in the litter!

And we did what??????

Where ar-r-r-r-re my shades?

I Can I Sign Up For Pets Pals And Add My Dogs. Their Names Are Lucky Smith And Max Smith.

"Got Milk?"

Mom calls me "Harley" but my name is really "Jimmy Dean"!

How many people are coming for Christmas Dinner ! I'm outa here. See you after Easter.

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille"

What the tusk are YOU lookin at?

Hog Heaven

you want the name of my botox dr.

Wow! Now that's a pet you can be proud of (and a very happy one at that. HA Gotta love it.

Oh boy, a new friend!

I said give me a tattoo, not two tusks!

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