Wonderful blessings in small packages.


Photo by: Sylvia Russell, Florence, Alabama

Says Sylvia, "'Chipper' has been our pet pal for a year now! When he first appeared he was just a baby! We put out pecans and raisins for him so he decided to STAY! We have a garden house which he has tunneled under and has several entrances and exits...amazing! When he comes out to play we can approach him quite freely and talk to him! My husband has Alzheimers and is now dealing with cancer, too. It has been a great daily routine for him to take the nuts and raisins to his feeding spot. Chipper has been a great blessing!! He's just the cutest thing ever!! We love him!!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 16

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May God bless you and your husband!

I can verify the fact that you feed all animals that come to your door looking for nurishment. You both are great friends and wonderful neighbors.

Sounds like a win-win story. Chipper wins friends, food, home and at a bad moment in your life you have something to look forward to doing/seeing. Though sometimes it seems like we carry a lot of burdens, it's some of the smallest things that can brighten up our days and lift those burdens away so yes Chipper is a blessing. Thanks for sharing a picture of a true blessing.

what a blessing to have neighbors like you 2 that look out for humans and all God's creatures in the neighborhood. Chipper's a lucky little guy!

A big bag of peanuts would sure come in handy, right about now.

It is so wonderful to be able to have a buddy that will come that close and trust you to keep him safe and feed him. Am sure he is good for your husband as my little one Willy, helps us since Pooh left us for the Rainbow Bridge, See Sept. the Ferret, thats Pooh.

Great story. A blessing in disquise!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing. Wish you were my neighbor.

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