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All of these photos are adorable, so it came down to me asking myself which one would look best on a calender! That's why I chose Shadow. Good luck to all of you!

The hula dogs would look great for a summer month... they are too cute

The Aloha dogs are the best, that is a very creative shot and that is one thing these photos are judged on GO ALOHA ! Great photo for summer month !!!

The 2 dogs in the Hawaiian outfits are just the best... you have got to pick them please...

Ginny that is a great picture of the Hula Dogs!!!!

The vaction dogs are great, all they need is a drink with an umbrella, I pick them !!

The Hawaiian pair is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time... pick them..

The Hawaiian dogs are the BEST!!!!!! They have just GOT to WIN!!!! I can just hear the ocean breazes and see the big guy up on a surf board with the little wahini on the beach adoringly cheering him on.

pick the surfer dude and his little beach bunny wahini....makes you want to turn on a Beach Boy song.

The big dog and little puppy are so cute. I would love to see them on a calandar

Pick the hula dogs....they need to be on the cover of a magazine. They brought a smile to my face.

I love the Hawaiian dogs. Pick them please, please, please.

Aloha my little Wahini....I'll see you on the calandar...we just can't lose we are do darn cute!!!

The Hawaiian Hula dogs are so cute in their outfits...They would be perfect for the summer months...they are relaxing by the pool and everything, Just 2 cute!! My vote goes to them!!

Shadow would be great for July 4th!

thems my dogs,get er done!!!!!!!!!

that black dog beats them all!!!!

ALOHA.... vote for the, hang ten dogs

All animals are winners in my eyes. I vote for Zena posted 11-08 since the composition catches the true essence of a kittens expression and playing and it's a good photo quality. Rosie and the frog 11-03 was a favorite runner up due to composition.

Okay, let's break this down:

1. Creativity? Limit and Brandee
2. Fun? Limit and Brandee
3. Difficulty in getting shot? Come on folks, can you imagine what time and effort that took? I don't care how many kibbles & bits you offered them! DEFINITELY Limit & Brandee!
4. Guaranteed to bring a smile? Limit & Brandee

ALL the pics are great - they truly are - and kudos to all you Mommy's and Daddy's for having such photogenic babies! But there is no question that Limit and Brandee will make a great calendar photo for some summer fun!

I served in the Marines so in honor of Veterans Day, my vote had to go to Shadow.

Shadow stands for all our soldiers in Iraq!!! What a honor.

So calm, serene and handsome and lovely how could he lose. The others are great but Shadow is a notch above. Semper Fi comes to mind.


Since I own 4 cats I am such a cat lover. I really think Zena is a cutie.

I picked Zena, all the animals are real cute, it was hard to vote. But since I have 5 cats they win.

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