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They are all so adorable. It's very hard to choose only one.

This wasn't an easy task they are all winners.

it took me sometime to choose the right one and i think my choose was good.teddy was the one.

Yikes! Who let the dog in the house?

Would love it if AARP had a "freebies" section for its members that also includes prizes, contests, sweepstakes, etc. It is very difficult to find TRULY free items that do NOT require any financial data to be exchanged. Some sites say their items are free; however, when you scroll down, there is a S&H costs. It's not free if you have to pay anything, including S&H.

Teddy is by far the winner but I think Dewey is cool!

AARP seems to prefer cats.
Allergy to cats keeps them out of my life.

How do I enter our pet's picture?

I'm practicing for Halloween.

Just want to say that you do a good job of trying to keep all species represented. I agree that it's tough to choose the best some weeks.

Cheryl G, we'll pass your suggestion along to our content team. That's a great idea.

Anonymous, actually our judges are split between dog and cat fans. And in fact, three of our daily winners this week are dogs, as are four of our six weekly winners.

Anncan, thanks for noticing!

Corenia, all the instructions for submitting a photo can be found here (there's also a link at the top of the Pet Pals home page...click on the home link at the bottom of this page):


To me they are all winners. But because of Halloween just passing that is why I picked the Halloween kitty.

The photo of Dewey would look better in a colander than he others. The others are just looking at the camera or sleeping. (Except bud- my second favorite.)

They are all winners, but I had to choose one, and it was Teddy. He looks like a stud dog. Thanks for allowing us to see the pictures.

The black cat would be a perfect addition for the month of October!

caption "Aww I'm so sorry"

Teddy was my favorite, but all of them are adorable

We have seven (7), that's right. .7 rescued dogs, we just couldn't turn them away, so the three cuddled in a circle was my choice. .tho ours would have been a bigger circle. . .

I loved all the animal photos. But I liked the black cat the best. Wonderful shot.

I think this little guy is a familar, he is getting ready for Halloween. Love it.

Hi I submitted my fert for your contest I thought he was cuter than the dogs and cats. Ferts are the third favorite companion pet in our country. I wish Pooh had won for the calendar as he won for another calendar and they thought he was sweet and the pic was good. Guess all you care for are dogs and cats. Maybe you could do one for ferts sometime???

What's a "fert" ???

I think she meant "Ferret". I have had several and they are great pets.

Becky, we do care for pets other than dogs and cats! Look for a number of "alternative" pets this week (though one of the judges put her foot down at the prospect of a rattlesnake!).

And you are right...Pooh Bear the ferret was sweet!

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