Patriotic pet!

blue and white budgie
Stormy the Patriot

Photo by: Christine Montgomery, Midland, Texas

Stormy informs us that although his "pet human" Christine had him for several years prior, a few days after September 11, 2001, she noticed that Stormy was naturally red, white, and blue. "...Mostly white, with a turquoise blue stripe around my body. Being albino, I also had red eyes. Hence, I asked her to add "The Patriot" to my name. I am very proud and honored to have the name, Stormy the Patriot!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 7

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I got Stormy in April of 2000, then renamed him after 9/11/2001.

He is beautiful.

Pretty Bird.

Very pretty and neat name.

Hope he wins.

Just Beautiful! This is my favorite! Love the name! Why not send picture to pretty bird magazine?

He is a beautiful bird. Hope he wins!

I think Stormy should replace the american

Oh what a beautiful bird. You have a very special friend there. I know that Stormy brings you much joy and happiness.

Your patriotic parakeet is just gorgeous -- love the colours!

Thank you for sharing! Stormy is beautiful!!!!!

Stormy is cute and looks really sweet! I think you will all enjoy this patriotic video of a groundhog raising the American flag. Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

Stormy is very cute and looks like my budgie just in different colors. her name is Melon.
I hope she wins

just to tell you Stormy is a girl because if a budgie has a pink or brown cere then its a girl.
Blue is a boy

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