Our families will eventually accept that we've married outside our faith.


Photo by: Linda Hartmann, Coppell, Texas

Linda says, "This photo is of my African Grey parrot. His name is RedDog but he thinks his name is "baby," or "sweetie" or "cutie-pie." He loves to sing and is especially addicted to hard rock, although he also loves the Village People and "Macho Man" (but that is our little secret). He is almost 12 years old and I raised him right out of the egg (because I owned his parents at the time). When he wants attention he starts singing 'I love you' in a very operatic voice."

PS - Thanks, Linda, for the great caption! Less thinking for us after four days of turkey and football.

Daily Winner, November 27

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Come on BooBoo.........make my day!

Posted to the wrong pic.........sorry. That was meant for BooBoo.

Yah, come out here and say that

Acccckkkkkkk a black cat, now that's all I need, more bad luck

he is so beautiful. do you still raise grey's? if so do you have any that you would like to sell? my husband and i really miss the Macaw that we once had. he was the light of our lifes. thank you, you have a blessed day . sheri_snider@yahoo.com i would love to replace a grey that is what my husband wants, yes he is an AARP member

UGH... School for me is out in about 10 mins.

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