OK, the picture is a little dark...

dog and raccoon
Buckley and Rocky

Photo by: Bolivar Repair Shop, Bolivar, Tennessee

...but raccoons are nocturnal, right?

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 15

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I always wanted a pet raccoon... I also like skunks. Unfortunately you can't find pet ones around here (Pennsylvania)! So cute!!

Buckley looks like he is wishing Rocky would get his own pillow instead of him being one. Thanks for sharing such a good picture. There are a couple of coons that come up after dark (along with opposiums) to eat my left over cat food. My dogs love to corner the possiums (which I always make them come back inside for), but luckily have never done the same with the coons that could tear their heads off. I've been outside after dark sitting down cooking at the grill when they have come up and saw how neatly they scooped up the food with their hands to eat. I've also always wanted one as a pet, but will have to settle for just the wild ones to enjoy.

this is just an awsome picture,my Question is how did this come about? It's apparent
they are friends.
Just a awsome picture,somethiing you wouldn't see too often.

Photo editting can create lots of things

Say!!! You're not one of those (what'd they call 'em) Coon Hound, are you????

Rocky Raccoon is no longer with us. Apparently a neighbor with a visitor in an RV just couldn't resist his sweet disposition. (hand tamed,bottle-fed, after dogs got his mom @ 6 wks old) We hope he teaches them what we (rehabbers) already know about how to handle a raccoon. They didn't know, or they wouldn't have taken an un-neutered male, in an enclosed space like an RV! Good luck with that!
And Ms. Kathi in Tennesee, this was NOT a photoshop. If there was space for it, we would post all pics we have of him, including when he would get in the bathtub with us learning to "fish".

sad that someone took him. coons can be such wonderful friends.

to Ms. Kathi in Tennessee, your comment is rude and ignorant.

I have an UN-NEUTERED male raccoon as a pet. Baby is 2 and has never been a problem. Matter of fact he is less of a problem then our house cat usually is. He lives in the house, goes for rides in the car ect. My vet told me if he did not get mean in the first mating season most likely he never will be. I don't know maybe he is an exception to the rule? He has never bitten me or anyone else even hard enough to break the skin.His nails worry me more then his teeth frankley. He is very well trained and listens to no, down, come, mommy's (when I want to take something he has and is not supose to.) and my fav give mommy kissies. Don't get me wrong he gets crabby some times and will chatter or growel but I trust him completely, enough so that we mock fight as play.

We live in Hardeman County also. A mother coon was killed in a logging accident and we are raising her 2 babies. They are almost 2 weeks old. Would love to keep them but don't think we can get a permit since they were not from a breeder. Did you use the vets in Bolivar? I am going to call them this week.

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