Mom says this will make my eyes go bad, but I still have my tongue!

Bo the ball python

Photo by: Barbara Guckert, Alexandria, Virginia

OK, Odd Pets Week is over, but we had to share just one more. Barbara writes, "Rambo's (Bo for short) favorite pastime is watching TV from this old rocker. When he isn't watching TV he's watching the computer screen."

Wonder if he's watching Snakes on a Plane?

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 17

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Now I've seen it all, a snake interested in TV mail? I've seen a lot of animals watch TV, but this is a my first time seeing a snake do it, great shot.

My next-door neighbors had a boa who was five feet long. Homer loved to lie on the back of the couch with his head on Bill's shoulder and his tail wrapped around Missy's shoulder; there they would all sit, watching TV at night. This picture brought back wonderful memories. Thanks!

Yeah, yeah, I know that being to close to the screen will hurt my eyes. So what?

I really have to start wearing my glasses. I can't read the fine print any more!

I have a ball-python whose name is also Rambo.He loves to watch the the computer monitor. He is a real pal. We have had him for over 5 years. He is very special.

You should meet the owner!

The Snake's 'Uncle'

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