Tiny, but tough!

Pomeranian as guard dog

Photo by: Jack Pflug, Aumsville, Oregon

As Mark Twain once said:

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Daily Winner, November 30

Posted on Nov 30, 06 03:45 PM | Comments (51)

Pssst...some day I'll be big like you!

two Alaskan Huskies
Panik and Havok

Photo by: Patricia Merry, Endwell, New York

Little Havok meets his big sister, Panik, for the first time.

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 30

Posted on Nov 30, 06 01:31 PM | Comments (7)

Where are the fish?!


Photo by: Sheri Innerarity, Smithville, Texas

Sheri notes that Trailer is "ancient" but that he can still balance nicely to get a cool drink!

Paw-purr-ee selection, November 30

Posted on Nov 30, 06 12:01 PM | Comments (3)

FEEL the FURY that is FURBALL!!!


Photo by: Daisy Wohlford, Salinas, California

Weekly Winner, Week 11
Daily Winner, November 29

Posted on Nov 29, 06 06:39 PM | Comments (26)

Hey, you want summa DIS?


Photo by: Amy Skyles, Elk Grove, California

Daily Winner, November 28

Posted on Nov 28, 06 04:57 PM | Comments (6)

Our families will eventually accept that we've married outside our faith.


Photo by: Linda Hartmann, Coppell, Texas

Linda says, "This photo is of my African Grey parrot. His name is RedDog but he thinks his name is "baby," or "sweetie" or "cutie-pie." He loves to sing and is especially addicted to hard rock, although he also loves the Village People and "Macho Man" (but that is our little secret). He is almost 12 years old and I raised him right out of the egg (because I owned his parents at the time). When he wants attention he starts singing 'I love you' in a very operatic voice."

PS - Thanks, Linda, for the great caption! Less thinking for us after four days of turkey and football.

Daily Winner, November 27

Posted on Nov 27, 06 05:58 PM | Comments (6)

You Write the Caption!

Boo and squirrel

Photo by: Alyce Stewart, Valrico, Florida

Alyce says, "Boo kitty likes to sit on the windowsill. The squirrel thought it was a great time to tease him. To me it looks as though Boo is saying, 'Look Buddy, I'm the bouncer and you can't come in, I don't care who you say you know!'"

What does this photo say to YOU? Let us know by clicking the "Comments" link below.

Daily Winner, November 24

Posted on Nov 24, 06 08:10 PM | Comments (93)

I'm thankful this day only comes once a year.


Photo by: Vicki Packard, North Canton, Ohio

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our Pet Pals!

Daily Winner, November 23

Posted on Nov 23, 06 04:03 PM | Comments (22)

Can't I come too?

german shepherd

Photo by: Ingrid Stamatson, Wichita, Kansas

Ingrid writes, "My Shepherd girl is peering over the fence watching me leave."

Daily Winner, November 22

Posted on Nov 23, 06 12:49 AM | Comments (21)

The singing lessons are really paying off!

smiling kitten

Photo by: Joan Janswig, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Says Joan, "She was caught while yawning, but it looks like she is singing. She was a darling little kitten who grew up to have four sons. They gave us hours of enjoyment watching their antics. One of her sons still lives with us, but he is now 15 years old. Another of her sons now lives with my brother."

Daily Winner, November 21

Posted on Nov 21, 06 05:45 PM | Comments (10)

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