You Write the Caption!

Mr. Gizmo

Photo by: Carolyn Tracy, Sterling, Virginia

Once again, we've found that the readers provide the best captions for our photos! Add your caption for Mr. Gizmo here by clicking on the "Comments" section below.

Carolyn says, "Mr. Gizmo is a 2-year-old Imperial Shih Tzu. [Here he is] ready for bed. Mr. Gizmo is such a sweet, well behaved little guy. He rarely ever barks."

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My Shih Tzu, Alex, just passed away a few months ago & I've been debating whether to get another or to opt for a small Papillion. After seeing your photo, I think another ST is for me-who can resist those big brown eyes and that innocent little face?

How cute and his eyes do reflect kiss me and tuck me in, I'm sleepy.

Sherlock is the one.

Mommy is the Easter Bunny coming tomorrow!!!

"I try to be good, but wearing these ducky slippers is not my idea of good."

"Awww....Mom, do I have to?"

He looks like he is pleading not to go to bed. He is adorable!

I'm the cutest ever!

Do you have these in blue?

"I'm sleepy mommy, but okay...just one more picture."

SHIH-TZU's RULE!!! They're the sweetest ever!!!

They went on vacation and all they brought back for me was this shirt and slippers!

I'm sorry for you, Mr Gizmo!

Does this outfit make me look fat?


Where is my blanket.

Only I can carry these off!

Are you going to listen to my prayers now mom?

If you love your Mom, you will wear anything for her. Even duck shoes.

" I'll be your friend forever!!!"

"I'll be your friend forever!!!"

"Am I cute, or what????"

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the cutest one of all???"

Seems to me Gizmo is saying ~
" What do you mean, keep a stiff upper lip.?
I look like a dork."

Where's my teddy bear?

he's too cute, absolutely adorable

This was never mentioned in the modeling contract.

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