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Photo by: Lena Gosik, Tampa, Florida

If you're noticing a few odd animals this week, you're right--we thought we'd share some of the offbeat critters people have been submitting. Like Sherlock here. And although we have no "clue" (ha ha) what Sherlock is (mouse? gerbil? Aunt Zelda's nightmare?) we do know he is adorable. So thanks Lena! And be sure to share your thoughts on Sherlock in the Comments section below!

Daily winner, November 13

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sherlock is a hamster....but he is cute

GREAT photo, Lena; very clear and you really captured the look at Sherlock's face!

Yes Sherlock is a Dwarf Hamster. I had several when I was a kid. Great picture!

I LOVE LENA! and sherlock! Wonderful pic as always, can't wait to see you at thanksgiving! Love and miss ya, congrats on the scholarship in CA! you're amazing but we all knew that! love ya!

Sherlock? What an injustice I have done in naming mine hehe. See one side full of food, looking for more? Cute pix.

Of course it's a great picture. It was taken by the Nature Photographers Association of North America's national college scholarship winner, Lena Gosik!

A Professional Photographer? Can't compete with this.

Lena, all of your photos are great especially the ones you have posted on the other web site: http://www.eyeoftheart.com/LenaGosik.

Not a professional yet, wants to be though!!!!

Just like Donna said, she's not a pro yet, but she's dang good!
But we are digressing.. this is about the cuteness of SHERLOCK. He's such a mang.

Doesn't seem really fair for amatuers to have semi-pros competing against them. No wonder her photo's a Daily Winner.

sherlock is a drawf hampster,
my brother has one :)
very cute

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