FEEL the FURY that is FURBALL!!!


Photo by: Daisy Wohlford, Salinas, California

Weekly Winner, Week 11
Daily Winner, November 29

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How funny!

How PRECIOUS is that! Looks like a serious boxing match going on! Great photo.

What a terrific expression...will have my vote tomorrow!!

I have a similar photo of when my one cat was a kitten. It's always great to catch them at the right moment. Love the picture!

how adorable....precious...who couldn't love a kitten?

Attack cat in training

New song title "He was a Kung Fu Kitty!"

"Hello" my name is "yiddie" and I am a 6yr old siamese cat. I have a real good home and I like to play with toys like this one. If I could have one like this, I would really be one happy CAT!!!!. PLEASE e-MAIL ME at yiddiepurple@yahoo.com and let me know where I can get one. Merry Catmas" and Happy "Catyear" to you.

Awwwwwwwwww, how adorable! Aren't they something? What a great photo! Hey I have 4 and the youngest, SMEAGOL, would LOVE that toy since my other three obey his every command EXCEPT to play with him when it's their nap time!
Would love to know where to pick it up! A nice Christmas present for our "Leetle One". THANKX and Merry Xmas! If you can, LMK at crystalfog@msn.com Thanks again for the photo, needed a smile tonight!

I love the facial expression and I also think this is a very cute picture. It's really hard to catch kittens off guard because their so quick!!


I've been a cat lover for as long as I can remember. This photo demonstrates the reason. Really neat photo. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all - cats and kittens included.

This is sooooo precious. I miss my cat who died @ 16 1/2 years of age last December. She was my best friend.

The kitten and the tether ball is a great photo and should be in the top running. It has our vote for 1st.

What a darling kitty!!

What a darling kitty!!

What a darling kitty!!

What have we here? Ali Cat, the price fighter?

this is so "CUTE"...makes me want a new friend...Furball is tops on my list of winners...

For those of you who wanted to know where to get the toy... PetSmart!

"Furball" is tops with me!!! You have some terrific photos but he makes me laugh. I can always use a laugh.
Wal-Mart also sells these toys.

Ninga Stile

how to live with a fur-ball in house.. http://4url.net/ff

i am ROCKY

Nice picture....troo1@hotmail.com

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