Cool! My own private birdbath!

Bobby the pigeon

Photo by: Dianne Smith, Bonner Springs, Kansas

Says Bobby (via Dianne translating), "I moved in and love it. I go out and come in. I am a clean bird. They named me Bobby, because they were not sure if I was a girl or boy. But I'm a girl!" Dianne adds that Bobby is "one smart bird!"

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Paw-purr-ee selection, November 13

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Caption: Wierd tree & lake but sometimes anything will do.

Wonder if Bobby will sing in the bathtub if you open the curtains and make her a lake. She's pretty.

She sure is pretty. If she has Babys.I WANT ONE.

A very charming girl. A real keeper.

Caption: Told the old man I wanted to come to Niagra Falls for my birthday. Did you know they only turn the Falls on a few times a day?!

WOW! What I've always wanted, A built in swimming pool.

I know this bird personally and she does things NOBODY would believe!

Last one in is a turd, oops, I mean bird.

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