What? Kennel? Ha, you're real funny there, pal.

Rocky, Hurricane Katrina adoptee

Photo by: Katarina DiChiara, Lexington, Kentucky

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 10

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he looks like he's smiling - what a cutie! he's so lucky you rescued him!

What an absolutely gorgeous baby! He looks like he is very happy with where he ended up. Congratulations!

I warms my heart to see this photo of this wonderful dog!!!!! Taking him "in" says a lot about you as a person. I have been so worried about the many many pets and strays that were placed in peril from the storm. I remember seeing them being shipped all over the country to shelters. Of course I always worry more about the animals since they cannot speak for themselves. Congratulations and bless you for giving this great dog a home! Looks like he is so grateful and happy =) !!!!! Kay

You are so lucky to have found him. When my son was about 6, my sister gave him a pup that could have been this one's double. Best dog we EVER had. Love him, enjoy him, and accept his love. He is God's gift to you and you are God's gift to him.

I can't get over how much this dog looks like a red Doberman I had 25 yrs ago. If his ears were clipped I would know that I just got a glimpse from many years ago and fond ones at that. He or she is absolutely beautiful. I also have a terrier mix now named Rocky and a 9mth old hound mix named Luke. I rescued these dogs from animal shelters. My 17 year old terrier mix Spike was recently put to rest due to old age. Dogs are wonderful companions even though they sometimes are a tremendous responsibility.


He looks so precious. I had a Doberman for 11 years and he died in Sept. of 2005. He was such a good friend and a joy to have. Looking at your dog makes me miss my dog a lot.
Cherish and love him! I plan to get another one day!

i love dogs i have three of them they are so cccccccccuuuuuuuuuutttttttteeeeee

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