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I kinda thought the three in the sink would be popular. Don't know exactly what drew me to Simba and Zorro but they were my clear preference. It's just a treat to see all the weekly pics. Tough job to choose!

Looks like Barney is waiting for his best friend to come home!!

Waiting for master or guarding the house, very cute.

Our dog is a beagle mix but the look on Bubba's face is exactly like hers when we eat and she doesn't. I had to vote for him.

Anyone who can get three cats in a sink (and looking SO relaxed!) is a clear winner!

Those three cats so simply relaxed makes them seem as if they are in cat heaven!

Some days I wish my days could turn out like a relaxation session as theirs!

inviting friends to enjoy the hottub is always a wonderful way to spend an sunday afternoon

Something about your look says a lot, Domino... you're a winner!

Domino looks like someone I know (all smiles)

I think it's the ear elevation, listening, and the intenseness and rigidness of his little body that reminds me of my dogs, also cute. Nothing will distract Barney ... he wins my vote.

I'm a dog lover (having four of my own), but I HAD to vote for "three in a tub".

Even though I was torn between the cat and rabbit, the three muskacats in the tub were my absolute favorite. They look so much like my best kitties (Ralph, Mimi, and Boopers), who also were fond of the sink (Mimi still is, the other two are in heaven).

I think they are all good. But I have to say the 3 in a tub will be my first choice. I wish you could have more than 1 first place, but you can't so..

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