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Oh, it's so hard to choose...they'are all so cute!

Cricket; With that waiting for you to come home look, through the blinds is soooo cute!

I'm not a cat person but Squeaky is one cute little fellow!

Has to be Impy and Sparks. They look just like my twin boys, Waylon and Willie.

Squeaky a blue eyed gem

Squeaky is so cute.

Little Cricket, he just looks so cute. Like he is just wanting to get out doors.

I just love Squeaky. He is too Cute!

I'm not a cat person either, but I agree with all of the Squeaky votes!!

Squeaky is begging for my vote.

The "eyes" - "I's" just got my attention, beautifully blue like an ocean at it's best!

Gosh ,it was really difficult between Squeaky and Crickett They are all really cute. But Squeaky just squeaked by.

Squeaky is so cute with his blue eyes I had to vote him. I am very pleased that a lot of other people also think that Squeaky is special.

It's hard to choose between Squeaky with those sparkly blue eyes, but Cricket is so cute looking between the blinds -- waiting and wanting someone! Cricket got my vote!

Squeaky is the very best ..he is looking up to
you ,as to say here Iam ,,love me....with those beautiful eyes.....

Squeaky or Cricket...hmmmm....
Yep, cute cats. If I were a cat lover, I'd choose Cricket. I like ALL pets, but DOGS RULE.
Cricket clearly has personality. I wasn't going to vote, but that cat makes me want to get one just like it! Sooooo, I vote for Cricket.

Squeaky's eyes are just so beautiful. How could you NOT vote for him? He's precious!

Squeaky is so sweet and especially his eyes.I used to like cats and still do but am very allergic to them, that is why ,for one reason I now adore ferts. Ferts are alittle bit diff. and their hair don't bother me. Good Luck Squeaky.

Squeaky has my vote. Such innocence in those big blue eyes.

They remind me so much of our two cats that tussle much of the time but then they snuggle a lot too.

I always love perky little kittens faces. He's adorable!

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