That warm water feels gooood. Hey - wait a minute!

three kittens in a sink
Mouse, Ziggy and Sophie

Photo by: Robin Wilson, Hawley, Pennsylvania

WHEN RACCOONS ATTACK! "Saint Robin" went to great lengths to rescues these sisters, now five months. Says Robin, "Their mom was rescued as she was giving birth to them and their two brothers, Jack and CB, from raccoons who were circling her. We brought her in, she had the kittens, and they have been in the house ever since. Mom has been spayed, judged healthy and has adapted to living with four senior cats. The babies are another story, but so far there have been no serious confrontations with the seniors. A good time is had by all!

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Hope they can all fit when they're grown up girls!

How sweet!!! I have a single calico that likes to curl up in the sink, but seeing the three of them together like this is amazing! Great photo!

Leave it to kitties to find (make) a comfortable place to sleep! Great photo, all right.

This photo is awesome. To think they were all asleep... You can't pose a pic like that!
They are beautiful.

Your little family will reward you with many years of love and antics for rescuing them. I enjoyed 14 years with my mother cat Mehitabel and her daughters Tinker and Foofie. Now only Foofie is left, but we've adopted our own Ziggy and she's keeping me and the Foof "youthful" in our senior years. Cats are God's most precious creation, next to us of course!

Rub-a-dub-dub, three cats in a ...sink! How prescious!!

Wow, what a bowl of stripes! Can't tell where one cat stops and another begins! What is it with cats and sinks... mine does the same thing! Love them!

Bless you for rescuing them, their mom and siblings from the raccoons. And for keeping them all! It's a wonderful thing you've done.

I think they are sweet. Can't handle cats, they make me sneeze but in a pix thats O.K. They are sweet.

They are adorable. I have a small dog who thinks she's a cat and loves to bat at toys and make strange noises. She was a stray and may have lived with cats.

What a beautiful pic! They are so lucky to have such a wonderful human family who came to their rescue. I used to have kitties (now have one spoiled-rotten Schnauzer, who is soon to be 13 y/o. He's kind of like a kitty...and I often refer to him as a "ditty-dat."

Thank you for posting this incredible picture here. May God Bless you for coming to their rescue and support!


Love it so adorable

kitties in the sink,I can just see it!We(son&I)have 2 spoiled kats,I didn't do it!

Thanks for rescuing them and spaying Mom.

I am a lover of cats. They have comforted me all my life. All I have to do to smile is watch them frolic. Animals have so much love!!!

What a look of total contentment on their faces.
Great picture!

Wish I had one in my yard to get rid of the racoons.

My smile will last a long time -- just thinking of these precious kitties. Miss having our little ones "Tuffet and Cymba" our Siamese. In the desert -- they loved our bathtub -- cool and refreshing, though they weren't not fond of it as much when it was bath day. Whole photo album of their lives with us -- always wrapped around each other -- half sisters they were. Love the picture....

Thank goodness for people like you. These cats and kittens are very lucky you were there to help out. They will all have a good life together. God bless you.

This is such a cute picture! You brightened my day with these sweet kitties.

Great picture! I have a mom (Fritzie ) and her daughter & son. (Mandi & Bandit) My husband & I were long haul truckers. Those 3 went all over the US, Canada, Yukon Territory & Alaska with us, Even to Mexico. We love them so much. You have been blessed as well as they. Thanks for sharing your story. May the kitty gods purrr at you!

This photo is just too cute for words, they remind me of my cat Boo, with the tiger stripes. We had raccoons that we fed in the back yard, to try to keep them off the front porch,. It helped some, but if we left the dry cat food out too long in the evening, they found it. It's funny, but they respected each other's territory and never got into fights, and we had 5 cats then, two of our own and the neighbor's mamma cat moved her two babies over to our yard as they were neglected over there. She knew what was best for her little family! My daughter still has the three cats.

Fantastic Photo! They are really so very beautiful and it is amazing how cats look so peaceful when they are sleeping.

My cat Robby's favorite place was the bathroom sink. I have a picture of him there, too. You brought back lots of fond memories.

I love the picture. I have two cats, Snubby, she's a Manx and Nitty, she's a Pastel Calico. Snubby is the oldest and thinks she rules the roost, but Nitty, the youngest, has been with us longer and she thinks she rules the roost. They give Tag and me hours of laughter with their antics. Nitty's favorite places are the bathroom sink like yours, or, if she is hiding, she climbs into the cupboard underneath that sink. Have fun with your rescues.

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