Thank goodness for nine lives and kind souls!

cat cuddling with pillow and blanket

Photo by: Deb Usmanu, Cohoes, New York

This story brought a tear to at least one judge's eye! Shares Deb, "Thomasina is a true story of what love can do. She is an elderly kitty who was found this past winter by roadmen frozen in a puddle of water. She had no home and suffers from severe diabetes and neuropathy from long term neglect. The roadmen pretty much gave her up for dead, but with the dedication of the staff of the Guilderland Animal Hospital, they pulled her through. I have been fortunate enough to have her in my life. When I saw her picture at the animal hospital I had to ask about her. They said she needed a home and my heart melted after hearing her story. With love and affection she has kept our hearts a glow. She enjoys supervising her other rescued brother and two sisters and never has to worry again about not being able to have sweet dreams and love. "

What a wonderful story!

Honorable Mention, Week 6
Week 6 Daily Winner, October 20

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Good for you. How could you not take this baby in?

Too sad how many fuzzy friends end in a sad way. She is so lucky to have been found and cared for and now she has a loving home for her golden years.
Bless you and your fuzzy family.
From my fuzzy family

What a sweet cat and what a blissful look on her face. You can tell that she is Loved. You are a kind and generous person.
God Bless You.

The saying, "Be the kind of person your cat (dog) thinks you are", certainly applies here.
This picture says it all.

Save a life, have a life. Kind hearts have kind souls. Pets are Gods way of sharing his angels with us to let us know we are loved. I get so much comfort and joy with my family pets that no matter how stressful my day, week, month or year has been, they got me through it. Enjoy your special gifts no matter how they are given, the rewards are worth it. You were tested and you passed. God blessed you.

I thank God for people who love and care for our animal friends. I only wish that more responsible pet owners would neuter and spay their pets. Way too many dogs and cats are euthanized daily in this country. Most are healthy and young. I beg all pet owners to take their responsibility in this endeavor to heart and to work to prevent this tragedy from occurring in the future.

That's Deb! Always for the under"dog" - or in this case the under"cat".
Lucky little baby.

Way to go!!! Glad to know there are others out there that feel a need to rescue animals that are less fortunate. All but one of my animals was a rescue (I have a total of 3 dogs and 2 cats) and I love them so dearly, I wouldn't trade them for the world. It is true, so many beautiful animals are euthanized daily -- that is unacceptable. People need to have their pets spayed and neutered, they also need to turn their unwanted pets in to the Humane Society rather than dumping them in the country forcing us to call animal control when we cannot catch the animal ourselves.

You are a kind soul and wonderful person, and
you can inspire others to find it in their hearts to care for the animals that have no one.

I'm not surprised on how Deb reacted here. Deb's a real good person with a big heart. She looks so content knowing she's got someone who loves her so much.

I'm really not surprised on what Deb did. She's a very soft hearted person. This little kitty's got a great home and you can tell from the picture how loved she really is. She's a very lucky cat........

Thank you for what you have done for the cat. I believe there's a special place in heaven for animal lovers. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it for giving a cat such a wonderful loving life.

God bless you, I could just cry for all the little Godsends who don't have a loving home

Thanks to all of you who have given kind words to my Thomasina and I. You are all wonderful individuals with hearts as big as they come. Older kitties and dogs are often overlooked and they deserve a break in life to.

God Blesses us in many ways and they truly are our angels. They teach us love and understanding.

What a wonderful cat and a beautiful story! I love elderly cats. Often they are the most saintly and loving creatures. God bless you and your lovely Thomasina.

What a wonderful story. Thomasina looks so happy and content it brought a tear to my eye. I have four cats, all rescued, which call my home theirs. I also have one that eats with me and sleeps on my deck but won't let me get close. I think he knows he is just as welcome as the 4 I already have. Thanks again Deb for being the wonderful person that you are and for having such a big heart.

Thank goodness there are people like you in this world. Those cats and kittens are very lucky you were there to help and now it appears, they have a great home together. Good luck.

I am sorry about the previous comment - it was meant for another picture. But I do feel this cat is very fortunate to have you in her life.
God bless you.

Good for you it's wonderful!!!!!!!!
I did the same thing and have two beautiful Kids i call them my kids. I found them outside their mother was killed by a car so i bottle feed them. Now they weigh 25lbs & 30lbs.

Bless you

As a Capital District resident and someone who has 4 rescue cats in her house, I am thankful to hear there are people like you in the world. Thank you for warming my heart, Deb!


This kitty is so lucky to of found you. I'm so glad. You have a heart of "gold". You are such a blessing to our little ones!!!

What a wonderful success story. Love can heal many wounds and hearts!

Let's hear it for Deb!! May all the love you've given to Thomasina be returned ten fold.

how sweet i hope she wins she is very lucky to find a nice place to call home

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