My left side is my best side!

Boxer with cute face

Photo by: Jan Barnette, McDonough, Georgia

Jan shares, "Tater, a.k.a. Tater Tot, Tater Chip, Tater Puddin', is a rescue boxer-type and is certainly a Sweet Tater when she's sleeping!"

Week 6 Daily Winner, October 26

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I love the expression on her face!

She is precious!

She is the sweetest little looker! Boxers are great companions ... thanx for sharing!

How cute can you get!!!! Bet Tater is a lot of fun to play with as you can see the mischief in her eyes. Makes me just want to hug her up. And I love her a.k.a. s!

I love the a.k.a. 's also; every one of my dogs has at least 7 a.k.a. 's of their own!

What a face! How cute is that baby girl. You've got one special baby there. Boxers are the only dogs better than Boston's in my opinion. I've not had any other kind except one or the other of these two since I left home at 17. Have great fun with her.
Cyndy E.

Precious...all we ever had as kids were boxers...they are the best! Thanks for sharing!

Puzzled over your choice of captions. Cute dog, though.

The look on her face makes her look so darn innocent. It's like she says you believe me right! haha

anncan, this one was a tough one to caption. Since it looked like she was sitting their posing prettily, showing us the left side of her face, we thought of celebrities who talk about having a better "side."

But that's why we introduced our "You Write the Caption!" feature on Friday. And our Pet Pals visitors are really creative!! Look for that to be a new regular feature.

i hate dogs


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