Meow-loween frights

black cat

Photo by: Nikki Allenberg, Sarver, Pennsylvania

Says Nikki, "This is my cat Bud. He's a black domestic medium hair and he's about 6 months old. In this picture, he's doing his version of a scary Halloween cat!

Weekly Winner, Week 7
Week 7 Daily Winner, October 31

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all our PET PALS! Tonight, may your bowls be full of candy and may your owners not humiliate you in some stupid costume AGAIN! (But if they do, be sure and send us the picture!)

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So cute! I love this picture - it is so purrrfect!

Perfect!!! I'm scared!!! LOL

This should be on Webshots or a greeting card!! A keeper. Cute to the max!! I love all-black cats---have two (one is perfect, the other's got attitude.)

Wonder what she did to capture this "hair-raising" shot! Great pic of a beautiful kitty!

What a perfect Halloween picture! I love it!

Great photo! I also had a black cat who was the best, but unfortunately mine had to have his tail amputated.

Hi! I'm Bud's mom. Just wanted to respond to Diane and let ya know that he was frightened by my father's collie/shepard mix. He lives with a Bojack (boston terrier/jack russell terrier) and a Chihuahua, but the big dog sure spooked him!

I vote for Bud, the Meow-loween Frights cat. I think it is original - quite different from the usual pet photos. A great picture.

i've a black cat-Maxx-15 yrs-looks just like him when a neighbors dog decided to come for a visit-I love it!

I think Bud is the perfect Halloween cat. I just love all cats. I have 3 of my own and they do the weirdest things.

That is an extraordinary picture! Just look at the hair on the cats tail and back, just perfect.
How did you get that cat to stand still long enough to take the picture?

What a awesome picture! I have a yorkie, but
this cat is special!

Absolutely precious!

What a fantastic photo of a beautiful cat! Thanks so much for sharing. You've got my vote! We have a kitty named Shadow; sometimes he performs a type of halloween "dance" by arching his back and prancing sideways to entertain!

Absolutely love it!

Thank you all for your votes! Bud appreciates it. I was able to capture him in his Halloween moment because he gave me a good amount of time. As long as my dad's dog was in sight, he was is his position of fright!

I love this photo. Fantastic Shot. I too have a black cat, Thor. He's pretty picky about who he lets pet him. Cats are so entertaining and this shot would be great for the month of October in the Calendar. My vote went for Nikki this week.

This is a beautiful rendition of the "classic" Halloween cat in the arched back position! His colouring of jet black fur without a smidgen of white only intensifies the effect. Very handsome pet, congratulations and he certainly has my vote!

What a great picture. He is perfect against the white wall.

He is such a precious baby. I just want to snuggle him and tell him everything will be allright. I have a little female named "Onyx" who looks alot like him. I snuggle her all the time and she just gives in, even though she has 3 other cats to terrorize.

He so reminds me of the two wonderful black cats I've had!.. Got the mid October so we called them Trick and Treat! Bud's got my vote!

For once you really picked a true winner.

A great picture in every little hair. This should be marketed for future Halloween decorations.

My vote goes to the beautiful black cat. Your did a great job of taking the photo.

I agree with Marie that is a great picture that you should market the picture for future halloween decorations .

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