Maybe if I eskimo kiss him he'll turn into a prince!

rabbit and kermit the frog doll

Photo by: Janet Spencer, Helena, Montana

Says Janet, "Our pet bunny, Angel, a common cottontail, just has to investigate everything in her environment. Here she meets Kermit the Frog, and gives him a little kiss."

Daily Winner, October 2

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Bunny schmuzzles!

What a sweet picture.

What a beautiful name, "Angel."

Will the frog now turn into a bunny princess??

Beautiful Rabbit, mine recently passed away her name was Shadow she was my heart and looking at your Angel reminds me of her. Take care of this precious jewel!!!

Angel is a welcome change from Miss Piggy!!!

Tsk! such a lovely shade of green and so inedible!

I show rabbits and this is a wonderful picture

always had a softness for the cottontail, best to see them living with people and not being killed out there, I joined AARP becuse of this picture go figure

What a wonderful picture..... !! Too bad we're not closer....I'll bet your Angel and my cotten tail Bugsy McGraw would love playing together......

I love the pic.
I know just what you mean about bunnies always having to investigate everything. i have 5 house buns and they are worse than having a houseful of kids.
Binkies to Angel, from Marshmallow, Bandit, SnowE, Lucky, and Nala

Kermit: Remember, Miss Piggy can never find out......

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