Knock-knock...who's there?

horse at screen door

Photo by: Anne Jeanblanc, Elizabeth, Illinois

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 4

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I know who it is, it's Mr. Ed, the talking horse. Does anyone remember that popular TV show?

I wonder if Anne Jeanblanc allows the horse in the house. Probably not. He just wants her to come out and play.

Darling does want me to come out and play. She is a sweetheart. She did come in the house once. Her sister, Cece, pushed open the sliding glass door and Darling was standing next to the pool table. She had taken a bite out of the chaulk.

How very sweet!! How lucky you are to have a horse of your own..Give Darlind a big kiss on that velvet nose for me

Darling looks just like my friends paint Lady. She is also a big love. Also Mr. Ed was a big white horse.

Like Darling is thinking "Hey where is everyone?Where are they?
maybe someone will answer the door soon.
Darling is a Beautiful horse.

Neigh-ry a soul in there!!!!!!!!

any extra rolled oats in there by any chance?

and Cute and Darling..... I am copying the pic to save to enjoy in the future.

i have a horse like darling but she has never don somthing like that.

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