It's tough having a roommate from another species, but the rent can't be beat!

cat and rabbit
Simba (kitten) and Zorro (rabbit)

Photo by: Rachel Crown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The kitten crawled in the cage by himself as the cage was opened for the rabbit to get his exercise!" says Rachel.

Daily Winner selection, October 19

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Love comes in all sizes and shapes. Just goes to show you everyone can get along.

I love how they both look like they are posing for the picture! I wish my kids would pose that nicely!!

the orange kitty is so adorable and i love the bunny. animals are great companions.

Dear Pet Owners: My pets are free and wild.I don't believe to have a pet locked up in a house. It is cruel and can be health hazard for you ( cute petowner).
I maintain for more than 30 years a BIRD SANCTUARY on my back yard. I enjoy to have breakfast and other meals together. I enjoy when they bring the babies to the feeder. I learn a lot from my birds. If I get sick or travel they will not starve and will not be abondoned like the pets in Katrina disaster.
For the same reason I work on the abolishment of Zoos! Have you seen Zoo animals in a war running away? Have you seen locked up animals not be able to help themselfs?
Just the selfish, cruel people have pets to get out their sadistic, nasty behavior on the "pets". Shame!
Take photos from Nature and leave it alone!
"Pure bred" dogs are sickily, with short life. The mutts are better, but your vanity wants those unfortunate animals breed from money hungry breeders. Shame on All of you "Cute" petowners. Why don't you want to grow up to be a human who can think and able to understand Nature?
Have a Web Site, but will have to give up because of the expenses. For 1 Month will be there.
URL: are proof that it takes all kinds in this world. What kind of sadistic nasty behavior are you talking about? Rescueing an abandoned cat or dog seems to be the antithesis of this.

April 13, 2007. Thanks to Google excellent service: last year message is still there!
I wonder if other people go around and find interesting things like this exchange of human opinions.
I maintan my WILD REFUGE on my yard
and I can tell you it is not easy to get to the feeder some times on thick ice! And the birds had to come closer but they were fed and survived the winter and myself too.

No, I don't have pets.
But about the Zoos I change my statement: to rescue endangered species it is OK to save them. But those are not entertaining seeking people, but scientists who try to save animals from extinction.
OK Donna, I respect your comment.

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