Meow-loween frights

black cat

Photo by: Nikki Allenberg, Sarver, Pennsylvania

Says Nikki, "This is my cat Bud. He's a black domestic medium hair and he's about 6 months old. In this picture, he's doing his version of a scary Halloween cat!

Weekly Winner, Week 7
Week 7 Daily Winner, October 31

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all our PET PALS! Tonight, may your bowls be full of candy and may your owners not humiliate you in some stupid costume AGAIN! (But if they do, be sure and send us the picture!)

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Happy Hallowee-guana!

iguana and pumpkin

Photo by: Nancy Becker, Bethesda, Maryland

Says Nancy, "This is Iggy's IgWitch picture. Iggy is 12 years old, is 5 feet long and weighs 14 pounds."

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 31

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Is dinner ready yet?

yellow and black retriever mixes
Ginger and Garbo

Photo by: Ky Mason, Shreveport, Lousiana

Week 7 Daily Winner, October 30

Posted on Oct 31, 06 04:24 PM | Comments (6)

8-9-10...Ready or not, here I come!

kitty with closed eyes

Photo by: Thomas Charles Coleman, Indianapolis, Indiana

Our apologies--our staff was in Anaheim meeting you, our fantastic AARP members, at the Life@50+ National Event, and computer access was minimal. We didn't forget you, however--here is the Daily Winner for last Friday, October 27. Monday's Daily Winner coming up, and today's too!

Week 7 Daily Winner, October 27

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Week 6 Poll

Voting is closed on this poll. Click on the "Continue reading" link to see the results.

Continue reading "Week 6 Poll" ยป

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My left side is my best side!

Boxer with cute face

Photo by: Jan Barnette, McDonough, Georgia

Jan shares, "Tater, a.k.a. Tater Tot, Tater Chip, Tater Puddin', is a rescue boxer-type and is certainly a Sweet Tater when she's sleeping!"

Week 6 Daily Winner, October 26

Posted on Oct 26, 06 11:37 AM | Comments (12)

Could I be more cute?

cute puppy

Photo by: Steuart Estep, Hagerstown, Maryland

Week 6 Daily Winner, October 25

Posted on Oct 25, 06 05:11 PM | Comments (15)

Week 5 Winner!

3 kittens in the bathtub sinkWe have our fifth Weekly Winner: it's our kittens in the sink: Mouse, Ziggy and Sophie!

Despite some very cute competition, our feline trio collected nearly a third of your votes and a warm spot in the judges' hearts! (How did owner Robin get all three napping like that?!)

Thanks to all who voted and commented! Check back to vote again starting Friday morning, and if you missed any, be sure to check out all of our past weekly winners.

BTW, if you're thinking that we're a bit light this week on photos, you're right. This week, many of our Pet Pals team are at the Life@50+ event in Anaheim, so we're a bit busier this week than normal! Your patience is greatly appreciated, and we'll be back next week with lots more photos.

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You interrupted our nap for a photo!?!

two kittens on a bench
Split and Hurley

Photo by: Thea Tsurumoto, Concord, California

Cats may not do tricks, but they sure make great photo subjects!

Week 6 Daily Winner, October 24

Posted on Oct 24, 06 05:51 PM | Comments (5)

Trust me, if we smush our snouts close together like this, we'll get treats!

boston terrier puppies
Benjie and Lucky

Photo by: Regina Galvin, Windham, New Hampshire

Regina writes, "I adopted a Boston Terrier in May. A month after we had her, to our surprise, she gave birth to two puppies. They were full bred Boston Terriers also, as we knew who the male dog was. This is a picture of the pups. They were six weeks old at the time. Their names are Benjie and Lucky, a male and female."

Weekly Winner, Week 6
Week 6 Daily Winner, October 23

Posted on Oct 23, 06 06:53 PM | Comments (28)

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