I’ll never be bitter with a friend from my litter.

two cats sleeping
Impy and Sparks

Photo by: Laura and Mark Robichek, Sunnyvale, California

This one is painfully cute--it's as if the boys can't get enough paws around each other. The Robicheks write, "Impy and Sparks were are brothers that we adopted from an animal shelter. They couldn't be happier!"

Daily Winner, October 9

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Wish my two would get along so well! What's your secret?

What's our secret? We believe it's that we give each cat an equal amount of love & attention. It can be tough sometimes, because Impy is very outgoing, while Sparks is very shy. They enjoy play-fighting with each other, and after the fun is over, they often settle together into one of their camera-worthy poses.

I am a firm believer that animal shelter cats make the best pets. They know they're special and appreciate the opportunity to get a second chance. We have 12 rescued and wouldn't give them up for the world!!! Thanks for going to the animal shelter, and I know they thank you everyday!

Hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. I agree with second chances. We have had many cats over the years and they have all come to us under special circumstances.

A purrrfect ying and yang!

Oh, my Blackie could be a sibling to this lovely pair. How nice that they get along so well!!

Hehe, mine will cuttle, yet still have spats for no reason on rare occassions. Someone likes to sleep with their head under the covers :).

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