Happy Hallowee-guana!

iguana and pumpkin

Photo by: Nancy Becker, Bethesda, Maryland

Says Nancy, "This is Iggy's IgWitch picture. Iggy is 12 years old, is 5 feet long and weighs 14 pounds."

Paw-purr-ee selection, October 31

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AMAZING picture!

What a cutie! He sure is big!


I need to take a cold shower! It looks like Iggy's getting it on with Mr. Pumpkin.

I knew he would become famous one day!

GO iggy you're so fine, you're so fine, you're so fine.....
GO iggy, GO iggy.....

That's my baby, I remember him when he was a baby........

He's pretty cute, but I think you need a man!

Is that from this year, or is that one of the prior pics (IOW, did you start torturing Iggy *again* by dressing him up?)

This is an older picture of Iggy taken several years ago.

My mom doesn't torture me too often!! Just for major holidays.

He is so beautiful, those stripes are amazing!

How precious!


That is totally amazing at how you were able to capture this picture.

Great photo, Nancy! Congratulations to you and Iggy for hitting the big time!

My son has an "Iggy". I would send him this picture, but doubt if he would try this with his pet. Cute picture though.

That's a great pic Love it !!!!!

He is just so beautiful! Great picture

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