Trust me, if we smush our snouts close together like this, we'll get treats!

boston terrier puppies
Benjie and Lucky

Photo by: Regina Galvin, Windham, New Hampshire

Regina writes, "I adopted a Boston Terrier in May. A month after we had her, to our surprise, she gave birth to two puppies. They were full bred Boston Terriers also, as we knew who the male dog was. This is a picture of the pups. They were six weeks old at the time. Their names are Benjie and Lucky, a male and female."

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They are so cute! They look as almost they can be litttle rascals!! LOL Cute rascals though.

Real cute pups.

I want to touch those little wet noses.

These are just adorable. That picture needs to be on calendars, cards, etc. to just spread that cuteness around.

They are so photogenic as Bostons are. I once had a Boston named Mikey (Velvet Micah). She lived to the ripe old age of 16 and was a joy to have around!!!!

You'd get treats from me, that's for sure!


These little pups are just about the cutest babies i've ever seen.............they should be on a calendar..and they are a good advertisement for buying a puppy like this...

Sweet and innocent does come in three's you know!

They are just so snuggable !!

They are just the "preciousest"!!!

We had one when the kids were very young, great dog. My daughter who is now a G-Ma too is waiting for her new pup to be old enough for her to receive. Beautiful

save that photo for a valentine's card! just waaaayyyy too cute!

Darling puppies, but I'm equally charmed by the use of "smush" to describe their closeness. I'm grinning all over. Thank you.

Talk about twins. It looks like it could be one against a mirror. But in reality you have two of these beauties. This would be a great picture for the front of a hallmark friendship card.

Lovely pair, thats my nest dog!

That's my dog too! Raised one to be over 16 yrs of age now adopted another one! Such adorable pups..and great pets!

they are adorable we just got a mixed breed named lilly girl she will be 2 in march. i have
my hearing girl named shadow she is a
golden retriver and part chow shell be 11
years in christmas day. i did have a dog but she got killed when i was 13 her name was terriers are so loveable.
and they look like they are well taken care of.
so be proud and yes you could make a calendar or on glasses but that is if you want to.send them our love.

How wonderful they are! I hope all these guys are rescued animals...................

Oh, they are just adorable.. I just want to kiss and hug them... THank you for sharing..

Precious dogs! They are SO cute. Lucky owners!

I go on this site often and look at the animal pictures and I always have to go and look at these 2 little darlings. They always make me smile they're so cute.

These puppies are so cute. I was wondering how old they were in this picture.
I raise Boston Terriers myself. They all stay in the house and sleep with me. I have a king size bed and they only give me about 6 inchs to sleep on so they can turn sideways and streech. I thought I was the boss but, I was wrong and they let me know it.

Almost would pass for twins,"Precious"

We have a Boston, Charlie. He is a character. I would like to have every Boston I see. The babe's are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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