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Again, it was a very hard decision. All photos are superb ... but I voted for the cookie plate! I can just imagine of HOW Charlie wanted to get one of those cookies and drooled! He could smell them but his size prevented him from getting one. Poor Charlie!

Still loving Nitro Fish's beautiful eyes. Plus, as an owner of a mixed-breed, have to support my fellow Heinz 57's

This is SOOOOOO difficult. I'm going to quickly vote for Toby and I'm a dog person. I just got taken away by Toby's whiskers and by his demeanor!

OMGosh, they 're all so cute.What a hard decision. I love animals. I think they make our lives easier to deal with, especially at the end of the day when they come to show us how to love. I have 4 indoor cats, all rescued and am about to move to the country on 10 acres. My daughter has rescued 3 horses so I am going to do that too. Thanks for the pictures of your pets and very sorry about Poor Bear. My heart goes out to you.

I think Meanie is adorable.

I just love Toby and charlie!

We never expected Pooh to win and it warmed our hearts to see he had. Our little man wasn't so lucky in life, except he had a forever home, but he so far won this one and he was lucky enough to win another contest at our ferret shelter Ferrets@Rescue.hide.e.hole.org He is in their calendars for 2007.


i really enjoyed all the animal! What's not to love they RE SO SOFT CUDDLY AND CUTE.

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