Dog person? Cat person?

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Oh, I hate to have to choose!! I have a lovely lab and a cute calico at home, and I couldn't imagine just one or the other.

My household consists of two dogs, one cat, and one corn snake. I guess I cover all of the catagories except the bird.

I think the only thing you can choose is to have pets or not.
I'd hate to be one of the ones who choose "not."
We have 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 9 fish. I have a photo album just for them!

We are on Dog #7 and have had hamsters, gerbils, snakes, fish, a bird that drove me crazy ... no cat though. Do you really think I would vote one over the other? All are my favorites, though the hamster, being little, should get my vote!

Their are so many cute animals! It is very hard to choose. I'm so glad you have this contest so we can look at all the beautiful animals with their personalities!

I look every day but don't see but a few animal pix. I have sent my boys pix 2 times and can't find it? Where are you keeping them to vote every day?

I have three dogs and all three are like my children. I have had dogs all my life and I can't imagine having anything else but dogs.
I do love all animals.

how about bunnies?

Hi Ferretlvr9--
All submissions are viewed and considered, and all are eligible to be winners every weekday from now until the contest ends Dec. 14. So keep checking back! :)

And Josh, we've gotten a few bunnies in so keep checking back - everyone is eligible!

- The AARP Pet Pals Team

Our cat, Charlie and dog, Callie love each other as we love them. They each fill a place in our hearts. Both are 'pound puppies.' I don't want to have to make a choice for which one I would keep!!!!!!

I currenty have 4 greyhounds and 4 cats--- I live in a petting zoo!

My elderly mom can no longer care for a pet. Can anyone point me towards an org that visits the elderly with a dog or cat. I think it would be very therapeutic for mom and the dog or cat would get a ton of attention and affection. Thanks. (

Caring for my elderly mother has been a delight due to my four dogs, Bridget, Cody, Savanna and Casey, and my five cats, Simon, Blacjac, Cricket, Little Dude and Cupcake. My mom gets so much joy from interacting with them and is more active. They are very much her grandchildren and are gentle around her. She's never without a dog at her feet and a kitty on her lap, and she loves it!

favorited this one, dude

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