Splendor in the grass.

dachshund puppy

Photo by: Lilly Garcia, Houston, Texas

Daily Winner, September 25th.

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Meanie?! What a name! I think it should be something like Precious or Cutiepie!!

what a CUTIE!

What an adorable babe!!! Who could call this cutie pie "Meanie?"

The eyes of innocence. Precious pup!

This is no Meanie....this is adorabale.

Maybe looks a CUTIE, but acts a MEANIE!


This cutiepie couldn't possibly be a meanie! I love weiners! WEINERS RULE! yeah!

i just think meanie looks simply adorable how cute can a doggie be.that name fits him just perfect.he a cutie pie.

Thats my baby. So adorable. What a love.

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