I freckle easily, so a high SPF is simply imperative.

terrier on pool float

Photo by: Mary Lyons, Pompano Beach, Florida

"Minnie is my 5 month old rat terrier," says Mary. "She loves to go in the swimming pool and when she wants to rest, she gets on 'her' raft and floats for awhile."

Weekly Winner, Week 3
Daily Winner, September 29th

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Week 2 Winner!

We have our second Weekly Winner: it's NitroFish!

As you can tell from our poll, NitroFish was a big winner with the voters. It didn't hurt that NitroFish's owner urged friends from a couple of pet forums to vote, as they helped NitroFish to a very strong showing!

While we appreciate the campaigning, remember that the contest rules state that the weekly poll isn't the only factor in determining our winner:

The ranking that each photograph receives from website visitors will be considered by Sponsor in selecting a Weekly Winner, but will not necessarily be determinative of the Weekly Winner; Sponsor also will consider the creativity, composition, and quality of each photograph.

We're also pleased to announce that the judges have awarded Diane Mathieu's Toby the cat an Honorable Mention for the quality of her photo.

Congrats again to everyone! As we did last week, we'll be posting our next Daily Winner later today, and will be posting some more Paw-purr-ee entries over the weekend. Also, remember that we feature the winner in the AARP Webletter every Friday (you can sign up here--it's free!)

So be sure to check back, click on the Comments link, and tell us what you think! And don't forget to come back next Friday and vote for your favorite.

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Week 2 Poll

Voting is closed on this poll. Click on the "Continue reading" link to see the results.

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Dog? Cat? Ha! A ferret's where it's at!

ferret in blanket
Pooh Bear

Photo by: Becky Watson, New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Sadly, Pooh Bear is no longer with us, but he "was the love of our life," says Becky. "He was such a gentle little man. He was forever making us laugh, he stole our hearts and in the end he pretty much took it with him. He is sorely missed here, but we have since fostered a little guy named Willy. Here is my picture of Pooh. Please enjoy as he was about 1.5 years old in this shot."

Daily Winner, September 28th

Posted on Sep 28, 06 04:45 PM | Comments (25)

This is low-fat milk, right? Oh, who cares.

cat and milkshake

Photo by: Judy Hallowell, Fort Worth, Texas

Once Cassie "took over" Judy's daughter's frappucino, "the cat had full control long enough that we took about ten photos. She had foam all over her nose before she was finished!"

Paw-purr-ee selection, September 28

Posted on Sep 28, 06 11:27 AM | Comments (8)

Duuude, what was in those Milkbones?

blue eyed dog
Nitro Fish

Photo by: Kathleen Fuller, Cincinnati, Ohio

Says Kathleen, "Those big blue eyes belong to my dog, Nitro Fish. She is the classic American mutt. Who knows what her lineage is? She is definitely daddy's girl and loves to cradle her head on his chest in the evening before going to sleep. She loves it when he gives her a piece of licorice (her favorite treat). She will eight years old this November."

Weekly Winner, Week 2
Daily Winner, September 27

Posted on Sep 27, 06 05:10 PM | Comments (48)

Oh yeah? Well you should see the OTHER dog!

dog in medical collar

Photo by: Diana Harris, Gwynn Oak, Maryland

Says Diana, "Zara is 2 1/2 years old, a mixed Shepherd/Rottweiler. She had some minor surgery and had to wear her 'Party Hat' as we called it." (Looks like the "party" pooped poor Zara!)

Paw-purr-ee selection, September 27

Posted on Sep 27, 06 12:20 PM | Comments (9)

I love the feel of the warm sun on my whiskers.

happy kitty

Photo by: Diane Mathieu, Falmouth, Maine

Says Diane, "Toby sometimes thinks he's a dog. He has protected my four children more than once and now takes care of our little dog. He is a remarkable and very beautiful kitty."

Honorable Mention, September 29
Daily Winner, September 26

Posted on Sep 26, 06 05:13 PM | Comments (31)

Dog person? Cat person?

This poll is now closed. Thanks for voting! A new poll will be posted next week. Click on the "Continue reading" link below to see the results.

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Posted on Sep 26, 06 09:42 AM | Comments (15)

Splendor in the grass.

dachshund puppy

Photo by: Lilly Garcia, Houston, Texas

Daily Winner, September 25th.

Posted on Sep 25, 06 05:38 PM | Comments (10)

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