"Sorry pal, can't let you in. You're not on the list."

cute basset hound

Photo by: Patricia Mayer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lily is a nine-year-old Basset Hound, "who will wear hats and costumes, ride floats and walk in parades to raise money for Basset Hound Rescue."

In her off hours she works as a bouncer at Kennel 54.

Honorable Mention, September 22
Daily Winner, September 15

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I just want to wrap myself up in those EARS!

now i know how an ant feels! lily looks like a giant!

Sorry Ma'am I wont try to come in! LilyGurl you are Beautiful!!!!

That's not the prettiest dog I've ever seen.

If this isnt the cutest picture and she looks like she means it too. I bet a cookie would get you on the list. And you are the pretriest dog I have every seen!!

Lily Dear, I didn't know you could look so formidable!! NOBODY is going to sneak in with you on duty!

Oh my! Any thing you say ma'am! You are just a beauty!

Kisses Doll!!!

Pw Lilygurl,
You are so beautiful! That is one of our favorite pictures!!! What a face!!!!!!

Cute but that is the typical Bassett face.I do love the puppies.

What a cutie! Excellent photo that caught the attitude and personality just right!! Love the whiskers...

She is absolutely adorable!

Now I know what a mouse must see when looking up and seeing Lily looking down!


Lily, if you're like my basset, I'll bet you would let any one in, You've got my vote but you can't fool me, you sweet baby you!

Ohhhh Lilygurl you are soooo scary .... but soooo cute - what a beautiful face you have!!!!!

I know you're trying to look scary so why do I want to kiss that snooter face???

How many chins is that? Very cute!

PW Lilygurl, This site obviously has quite good taste! Love you!

Lily, You look very skeery. You should be the guard at my Castle!

I have to tell you, I fell in love with Lily as soon as I saw this picture.

Go Lily! Rescues Rule!!!!!

...Looks like someone has a "leg up" in the competition...

My wife loves Bassett Hounds. Actually, she loves all animals. However, her body just melts when she sees or hears a Bassett. Bossy picture.

Hay folks, it's a dog. Wait till the cat pics start.

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