I said kitty "litter," not "critter!"

cat and iguana
Gwyndolyn (cat) and Rex (iguana)

Photo by: Meredith Alleruzzo, Pasadena, California

Says Meredith, "Gwyndolyn and Rex have made peace and found a way to live together. Rex's hobbies include cycling and computer programming. Gwyndolyn's hobbies are food, keeping out of Rex's sunspots on the floor, and speech/communications. They are sooo cute!"

Paw-purr-ee selection September 21st.

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That's one serious turkey gobbler there!

Rex is really enjoying that sunspot--I like how he's blocking the cat from the rays!

What happened to the fur on Gwyndolyn's back?...was there perhaps a "tussle" over the sun spot?? Or has Gwendolyn been living with Rex to long and is "shedding" her skin?? :-)

i always wanted an iguana; they always have that inscrutable look on their face! but i don't think my 3 cats & 1 dog would approve! but hey, i want a pig, too!!!


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nice cat and the iguana looks massive. Actually, your cat looks good too. What type of cat litter do you use?


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