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terrier on pool float

Photo by: Mary Lyons, Pompano Beach, Florida

"Minnie is my 5 month old rat terrier," says Mary. "She loves to go in the swimming pool and when she wants to rest, she gets on 'her' raft and floats for awhile."

Weekly Winner, Week 3
Daily Winner, September 29th

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No dog paddling necessary! And you're dafe from the dogfish Minnie--ha ha!

How sweet. She reminds me of my own little rat terrier that is so adorable. This is such a sweet picture and I wish you lots of luck in being chosen a winner at the end of the week as she is certainly deserving.

My retirement should be as good as your dogs' life!!


this litte dog is the cutest thing and smart as a whip .adorable is the word for this little doggie

We got a floater.

I should look so good when I'm on my float. What a life!

That sure is the place to be when it is 90 degrees in the shade.

looks like my last pool date

Minnie is adorable!!!!!

MINNIE"soon i can maybe be able to change colors!!!!!!!" "black...white...black..white... purple!!!" "WAIT what,i am turning purple!!!!" wait,cool i will be the first dog to turn purple naturally"

awww the face is too cute.
(finding nemo) Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming...

Ahhhh, a dog's life is hard. Good thing they get the weekend's off to lounge around and in the pool.......

Minnie is so adorable. I wish that I could take her home with me. She deserves to be a weekly winner if not more.

"It's a dog's Life" And I am jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very cute

How "Pretty in Pink"!!!

I have a tiny tot Rat Terrier who loves to swim in our pool. I have a toy Rat who loves to hide my things in her crate. My tiny tot weighes almost 5 lbs and is a rare blue. She is the best swimmer of all the dogs. They are a lot of fun and full of energy. They keep you on your toes at all times. Enjoy your Rat. My Peaches is brown and white which is a rare color too. She has a ton of spots on her belly just like your Minnie. My daughter raises toy Fox Terriers and all together we have 7 dogs. The fox and the rat's look a lot alike and are very playful. I love Minnie's ears. One of my daughters males ears flop over. Makes them look so cute.

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Looks like my Fox Terrior who also loves to swim. Where in the world did you find that float... I need one LOL! Great picture. Carol's daughter by the way!

How cute is this!! All she needs is her ipod.

that little hound dog is kinda cute, i love ainmals
dogs mostly. i have to sheep hounds they are a mess one guards me the other guards my wife want let anyone we do't know near us

thanks joe

dog lover

What a cutie, Minnie obviously is enjoying her day at the spa pool. Hope she is the big winner.

Well I've heard of pampered pups but this one has her own resort! I'd guess that the cutey-pie deserves it.

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